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i had an accident a few weeks back when i spilt a cup of tea on my macbook and it stopped working.

the unit had completely died so i took it to a company called getech in ipswich, and asked them to tell me how much it would cost to repair. bearing in mind that i bought the laptop exactly one year ago for £1400 new, they quoted me a repair cost of £1470!! now i can appreciate that the logic board is expensive to replace, and a lot of that will be labour, but i figured that was ridiculous! i could buy two of the same for that price now

what i decided to do was to dissasemble and clean the logic board and all other components myself using nothing but water, isopropyl alcohol and air duster. the unit now works perfectly, powers on even though it didnt power on before, it never shorts or anything! this fix cost me about £20

i then told getech of the steps i had taken and asked to have my quotation fee of £48 refunded, however they said they wouldnt refund it because they are not allowed to clean apple parts, they say it is apples policy that the parts have to replaced for new. this sounds sensible from a business standpoint, but from a consumer point of view it is outrageous

can anyone tell me if this is true, or if they are just making some guff up to get out of refunding me?


15" MBP Late 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Fees for estimates are usually not refundable if the customer chooses not to proceed with the repair. The estimate fee is usually subtracted from the final cost of the repair.

    Is is highly unlikely that your machine is now healthy. Liquid and computers just don't mix. All you have done is spent £68 and delayed the purchase of your new computer.
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    That explanation makes perfect sense to me. What Apple authorizes is what Apple is willing to give a warranty on. It's very unlikely that Apple would want to guarantee the results of cleaning, and much more likely that they'd be happy to guarantee the results of replacing affected parts with new ones. The logic board in particular contains moisture-detecting sensors that, once triggered, are no longer useful. So Apple would have no way of knowing in the future if a second spill had occurred after the damage from a first one had been repaired, unless the logic board were replaced.

    I can't comment on the validity of getech's repair pricing, but it obviously wouldn't be worth paying that much for a repair if replacing the machine would cost less. So if you're content to have a MBP that's no longer under an Apple warranty or AppleCare coverage, your DIY cleanup was a reasonable choice.
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    Yes that is what would have happened if i had have gone ahead with the repair, they would have taken the quotation fee off the final bill. Im sure that my attempt has left the notebook in less than perfect condition, but it does now work, which is all i wanted, getech did not make it apparent in the first instance that they could only replace and not "repair" parts, so thats why i was querying it as i just asked them to make it work, i didnt ask them to make as close to new condition as possible.

    I do however understand and appreciate your point, its just annoying i had to pay that money after having sorted it on the cheap
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    Well the notebook was out of warranty before the incident and i did not take out apple care, so the repair would have paid for out of my own pocket. i would not have expected to have any kind of guarantee or warranty on a clean of the device. This is the reason i asked my question, as surely as this repair would not have involved apple in any sense of warranty, it surely should be up to getech what steps they took to fix the laptop?

    As apple is not involved as it is not a warranty claim, i was confused why getech were still being dictated by apples "replace not repair" type policy. Should this policy still affect the service provder in this case? That was my question i think? I forget haha oh dear

    Thanks for both of your replies guys i appreciate the input
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    If your machine had been under warranty or AppleCare at the time of the spill, the spill would have voided it and the repair wouldn't have been covered, but I believe I'm correct in saying that paying for an Apple-authorized repair would have reinstated the warranty or AppleCare for the remainder of its term.

    Apple authorized service providers probably aren't free to do any repair work that Apple won't warrant. There's a standard repair warranty of 90 days on authorized repairs to machines that aren't covered by any other warranty.

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    ok thank you, thats all the info i need.

    i wont be making any complaints about the company if that is the case

    thanks for your help