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Just switched offices, hooking up to new DSL account. Previous setup was exactly the same: AT&T DSL, Actiontec modem, AE router, but with different account. With that setup I remember turning off several features on the modem and letting the AE do the work: DHCP as well as the PPoE login.

With the new setup, we wound up resetting the modem so I lost those settings. When the DSL came on I got a DOUBLE NAT error and orange light on the AE; turning off DHCP on it and allowing the modem to handle PPoE and the IP distribution worked ( basically put it in Bridge mode) and everything is hunky dory. So my question is, is there any difference in whether the AE or the modem spits out IP addresses for the office? So far everything seems to be OK and I don't want to mess it up by trying to revert to that older setting...


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    Bob Timmons Level 9 Level 9 (78,550 points)
    For most users who are using the newer versions of the AirPort Extreme, the only drawback to configuring the AirPort Extreme in bridge mode is the the loss of the Guest Network feature. There are some other things that you cannot do as well, but if you are not missing them now, you weren't using the features or functions before, so letting the Actiontec handle DHCP and NAT should be just fine.

    If you do want the AirPort Extreme to provide the DHCP and NAT services, you'll need to configure the Actiontec as a simple bridge only modem and setup the PPPoE service on the AirPort Extreme to avoid the inevitable Double NAT error messages.

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    John Knowles Level 2 Level 2 (335 points)
    Thanks for the reply! We have the previous AE router so a Guest network is not even an option. Looks like we're good to go.
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    Bob, a few questions:


    1. Can you tell us some of the things we miss besides the Guest Network if we bridge the ActionTech DSL modem?


    2. On my ActionTec I can let it do the PPPoE and turn off the DHCP/NAT and turn both on in Time Capsule. Would you call that "semi-bridge" mode? Is this advisable? Is there any reason why it would be better to let Time Cap do the DHCP stuff and not the Action Tech? Maybe better speed or performance? What is the better router... Time Cap or the ActionTec DSL.