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Hi everyone,

First post so if it's in the wrong place please be gentle with us(!)

I've seen similar questions and have spent a good hour trying to figure this out (two of us!)

We've been able to connect the LG to the video using a Mini Display Port and an HDMI-HDMI connector. That's not a problem. We've also been able to get the audio through an audio cable but sadly not both at the same time. The menu on the TV gives us an option to select an output but apparently not both at the same time.

Does anyone have any ideas that will fix this? Is it even possible to do this with an LG TV (the model number is 42LD450)?

I've read somewhere about getting USB audio cables but I've only seen combined ones with the Mini Display Port adapters attached (see http://www.cancomuk.com/Hardware/Cables/Product/68210?_Kanex-iAdapt-20-mini-display-port-to-HDMI-adapter-with-USB-audio-MDPHDMIUSB ) but now I've gone and bought the Mini Display Port adapter, is there anything else I can do? Can the USB audio cables be bought separately or should I just exchange the adapter I have already bought?

Thanks in advance, please be gentle in your replies. Neither of us as tech wizards by a long shot!

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