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Hi all,

I have created a book in Aperture, starting from a set of RAW/TIFF pictures.

If I preview/export the book in PDF, it looks VERY BAD in the dark areas (posterized to very few RGB tones).

The problem appears ONLY when I use the "Save as PDF" option from the "Print Book" menu, or I make a preview before placing the order.

What I tested so far:

- If I export from Aperture each single image to PDF (or tiff/jpg), the problem does not occur!

- The images look perfect also if I open them from other apps, like photoshop/iPhoto/preview.

- I created a test book with the images from iPhoto and there the exported PDF book looks fine.
- I installed Aperture on a different computer (a mac mini recently reinstalled), and the problem is still there.

Please consider that:
1. my monitor (iMac 24") is hardware calibrated
2. the source pictures are in RAW (no color profile on them) and (just a couple) in TIFF (16bit, Adobe RGB). I also tried reimporting in the album jpg converted versions, with no better results.
3. OS and Aperture are updated to the latest versions.

I would exclude a problem of the source images (because Aperture/iPhoto can export them properly to PDF)

It looks to me like a problem of the PDF rendering engine when used for exporting Aperture books.

Anyone had ever experienced something similar?
Any advice?

If you want to check with your eyes, I uploaded a few screenshots here:

Thanks in advance!

ps. I've posted this message also on the other Aperture's discussion group, please apologize for the repetition.

iMac 24, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Aperture 3.1.1