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I'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion to help solve the problem I'm having with the new iOS 4.3 Home Sharing.

I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro both running the latest system and iTunes versions. Each has an iTunes library with Home Sharing turned on. All works fine between them -- each iTunes library shows up on the other computer's as a shared library. We also have a 2nd gen Apple TV that sees both computers correctly, e.g., both libraries show up under computers on the Apple TV.

The problem is with my iPad and 4th gen iPod touch. Both have been updated to 4.3. I signed in to Home Sharing in the Music setting without a problem. Everything is on the same local WiFi network. The problem is that only one of the iTunes libraries shows up as a Shared Library. And it's not consistent as far as which one shows up, the laptop or the iMac. Sometimes it'll be one, sometimes it's the other. Never is it both of them so I can select which one I want to access. This doesn't really make sense to me, as they both do show up on the Apple TV. Both of my iOS devices have this problem. Is it really supposed to function this way?

Any suggestions?

iPad & iPod touch 4G, iOS 4