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I have just upgraded to xcode 3.2.6 from 3.2.3. When I try to build my project, there were lot of compiler error, because It can't find header file. The project was built fine in the previous version of xcode(3.2.3).

My project liked with some frameworks in /Library/Frameworks and they are all still there. so I delete all the xcode preference file, and try building my project again, still xcode3.2.6 would not look in /Library/Frameworks.

I tried delete the references of the frameworks from my project and tried to reinsert them into my project again, somehow when I did "right-click on the target" -> "Get info" -> "General" Tab -> click on the '+" button at the bottom of "Linked Libraries" List Box, all the framework files in /Library/Frameworks does not list like it used to with the previous version of xcode. I had to click on the button "Add Another" to navigate to /Library/Frameworks to select the frameworks and add to my project again.

I have to manually put a flags -F/Library/Frameworks to get my project to build corretly again.

has anyone experienced this?? and know why?


Intel Core 2 duo 1St gen Mac Mini