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Onscreen Keyboard - Will it ever have full KB on one screen? How about...

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GalaxiePete Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
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Mar 29, 2011 8:40 AM
I have had an iPad since day 1. Overall, I love it. Lots of great things I can say about it. BUT this is sort of a pet peeve / gripe - I want a full keyboard or at least much more full... Is it just that I am missing something here or what? If I am missing how to turn it on in a newer OS update forgive me as I haven't looked the last time I updated the OS and I know it wasn't there an update or two ago. Maybe I just don't get it the why on why it is not there; but I hate having to keep going back and forth to get number keys and punctuation. Especially typing my passwords.

Yes there are nice little features like holding a key to get additional characters but it just doesn't cut it when I am trying to type on it and don't have my KB handy. I have to memorize too many keyboards... I am a touch typer and in landscape the screen size is just fine for typing that way. You can sit there hold the button long enough for it to pop up with additional characters in many cases, pick it, go back to typing. That is just totally INEFFICIENT when you are doing anything but casual tinkering around. I bought this for convenience and efficiency. Look, the screen is big enough so just put the full Keyboard on screen already. It's not like it is a 3" Phone screen. Again that is annoying as well, but I can almost see it on the phone. I am even a big guy and I am 100% sure I would be able to type on it on the iPad as I type just fine on my phone.

Yes there are programs that have their own keyboards. But I want the main keyboard to have what I need with out flipping back and forth between programs which is even more annoying. It is just slow and inefficient for me.

So what does everyone else think?
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  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6 (11,010 points)
    I certainly hope that they don't try to squeeze a full keyboard on the screen. The keys will be much too small.
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  • _Eric_ Level 1 Level 1 (105 points)
    I don't mind the size of the keyboard, I just wish they would add a tab button. I hate hitting that tiny "next" button on the black bar above the keyboard. I'd rather have a big TAB button. Even in the alternative keyboards, no tab! And I'd also like a way to delete forward, not just backward.
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  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (70,850 points)
    You should make your case to Apple rather than just to the other users who will see it in these forums:

    I usually recommend Kilibee Type to people who want this feature, but it sounds like you are not interested in the app alternative.
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  • jb_bzn Calculating status...

    I agree, I just got my first iPad, the onscreen keyboard is quite ridiculous given the space available.   Having a full keyboard or at least the number keys seems like it should just be a setup option.  I'd happy give up screen space for another row of keys.


    But overall, needing to switch to the second screen to access the number keys is infuriating.  Especially given the number of apps that prompt you for some type of password, which often contain numbers.  So it's a daily annoyance.


    And I agree that having an app to type in, then copy/paste into another isn't a viable option.  Maybe the best solution would be to allow apps to customize the default on screen keyboard.


    This is my first Apple product, given what I'd heard about usability, I'm definately suprised something this basic hasn't been addressed.



  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6 (10,785 points)

    I'm not surprised at the keyboard at all, but then I've been an iPhone adopter for a long time and I don't have any issues with (though it did take some getting used to) the split keyboard.  In my opinion (and it is just mine), cramming more keys into the limited space the screen permits, would make it harder for me to type accurately.  So, I have no issues with the keyboard.


    If it is an issue for anyone, feedback is better heard at:

  • jb_bzn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was actually asking for the keyboard to be taller to allow the extra keys, not reduce the size of the original.  Regardless if an app could customize it, then users should choose whatever keyboard format or key size they prefer.

  • wapstar Calculating status...

    I completely agree - a bigger keyboard with numbers would be a great improvement. It also doesn't seem like it should be that big of a deal for them to provide since they already have numerous keyboards for different languages and apps.


    If people could just choose which keyboard they want in settings then everyone would be happy.


    I work in finance and take a lot of notes (on Evernote) that require both text and numbers and it is very inefficient to switch back and forth. I would assume students in finance/accounting/statistics etc would find additional keyboard choices very helpful as well.

  • Maz K Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I think they should give the user an option to decide whether they want it or not instead of Apple deciding that we don't need it. It is so irksome to type letters switch to number keyboard, and type ( for example, then space to get the letters keyboard quickly (I know you can press ABC), and then backspace to get rid of the space, type your word and then select number keyboard then ), then the space bar and then delete the space to put a comma.... How about Apple, wait for it.... wait for it... having an extra row on the top for numbers with punctuation that is selectable by using a SHIFT key... oh hold on, that's been tried... and tested... and succeeded....

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (37,475 points)

    Submit your feedback to Apple here:


  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (70,850 points)

    While you wait for Apple to do what you want, there are a couple of apps that you might find helpful, Kilibee Type and International Keyboard.

  • K T Level 7 Level 7 (23,215 points)

    >I want a full keyboard or at least much more full...

    The keyboard dock does wonders towards this end...


    Also the iLuv case with BT keyboard.

  • Maz K Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Tom,


    I've seen these but what I have a really long wait for is for Apple to create a full keyboard (as an option for users) so that I can choose to use this within every single app I use on my device. If they don't want to do this, then they should at least allow a 3rd party company to create an app that can be loaded up onto a device to replace their, for want of a better word, CRAPPY keyboard. I am really amazed that they just can't figure it for themselves that for a wonderful device, a wonderfully iconic device, they have one of the worst keyboards ever! Correction... THE WORST KEYBOARD EVER!!!

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (70,850 points)

    Maz K wrote:


    I am really amazed that they just can't figure it for themselves that for a wonderful device, a wonderfully iconic device, they have one of the worst keyboards ever!


    I suspect that when you have 187,000 threads in a forum like this one with only a handful of users like yourself complaining about the keyboard, they really don't have a lot of incentive to modify it.  At the same time, their unwillingness to let users modify things like fonts and keyboards or generally access the OS has been basic to these Apple devices since the beginning and seems unlikely to change.  The trend is actually to make OS X more like iOS than vice versa.


    So for the kind of keyboard you prefer, you may want to consider another device.


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