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I was in the apple store today to check out the ipad 2... I was on this ipad for like 20 30 min with this device next to me.. Though it was a phone cuz I didn't look too much into it so I asked the people around me if it's theirs. Nobodys.

Just losted all my **** awhile ago so I know how it feel to have your phone missing so I took it and was gonna expect someone to call / call someone. But as I look at it later on it, it's acutally an 3gen 32gb Ipod touch with a weird looking case on it.. Went back home, type in it's name and found out it's acutally belong to the apple store employees cause its the "Linea-Pro"....

Now the problem is... should I give it back? If so, how am i suppose to do it without getting in trouble cause it wasn't really my fault?
(It was there for like 30min. Guess that whoever that employee was, must have been really busy with the new ipad 2 customer and forgot about it )
I check it online and this linea pro thing is pretty expensive.. dont want whoever that poor guy is to get fired because of this. But I can sell the Ipod for around 170$ though if I descieded to be an ***...
any idea?
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    It's locked with passcode and i dont wanna break into it.
    donno if i should keep the ipod and use it for myself lol
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    Please, stop with the rationalization. You are standing in an Apple Store, you see a device that you admit looked like something the Apple Store was using, you decide it looks like a phone so your decision is to take it home and wait for someone to call? Why didn't you just pick it up and take it to the Genius Bar and hand it to someone, which would have been the logical thing to do. Unless you though you could use it or take it home and sell it.

    What should you do? Leave it alone, don't try to unlock it, get in your car, drive back to the Apple Store, find the first employee, say, "I found this unattended", give it to them and leave. No muss, no fuss.

    But if you keep it and sell it you are a THIEF. If caught you will be prosecuted. And it was your fault. You removed a piece of property that was not yours from the premises and deprived the rightful owner of its use. All the elements of the offense of theft.

    So again, do the right thing, return it.
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    As the guy said.. Just return it. It's the right thing to do... Btw you've just admitted to theft online....
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    No I didn't, did not take a thing and advised the OP to return it.

    Or did you mean to reply to the OP and not me?
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    Indeed, those are used by Apple Retail employees to complete transactions and such. We would be grateful if you could bring it back.