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Is ac3 passthru broken in iTunes 10.2.1 or with iTunes in 10.6.7?

Get the SBOD when switching to ac3 on movies purchased from the iTunes store.
Used to work last week and seems to have been broken with either iTunes 10.2.1 or iTunes under 10.6.7.

Working fine in latest QT player including switching tracks while playing....
I have Perian and the commands from this link since a while back...and has worked great for a long time
Anyone seeing the same? Any fix?

grateful for any hints!

Is this still the way to enable/disable ac3 passthru in 10.6.7 or is there a way without the terminal?
http://www.cod3r.com/2008/02/the-correct-way-to-enable-ac3-passthrough-with-quic ktime/

Early 2008 MacPro Quad Core 2.8, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Logic/FCP/Protools setup