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I never had this problem on my original iPad, but I just tried to purchase or download a sample book on the iBooks bookstore using my iPad 2. No problems with my numerous current books already owned.

I get a very amusing dialog WHILE IN iBOOKS and perusing the iBook store on my iPad. When I try to download a sample book I get an error dialog stating:

"iBooks is required to download this document. You can download iBooks for free from the App store"

Who in the world came up with this dialog?? It presents itself to you WHILE IN THE iBOOKS APP (duh!)

ANYWay... I am unable to get around this error dialog. Until I can, I can no longer purchase ANYTHING from the iBooks bookstore and so am forced to go to the Kindle store (or Nook or Kobo or Google).

I REALLY would rather purchase from Apple so would appreciate ANY help here. I have backed up and reinstalled iBooks, did a hard reboot on the iPad, and prayed - all to no avail.

Reinstalling everything (fresh system install) is not an option. I have way too much time invested in my current installation. I use this iPad 3 A LOT. There are NO other anomalies noted in the operation of my iPad 2 or ANY other application.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro 17", iMac 27", Eyeing the MB Air, Mac OS X (10.6.2)