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I have an iphone 4. Until yesterday, i have IOS 4.1 without problems.
Yesterday i upgrade to last IOS, 4.3.1. Now i have only one bar fixed (not change never) for carrier GSM. I have the 3G symbol too. I suspect that even so, my carrier works fine. I move to different areas working in several sites but allways the bar are fixed to the smallest right (only one bar).
There is a problem with the update? The Bseband are 2.10.4

Thanks to all.

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    Reboot phone.
    Hold BOTH the HOME and LOCK buttons. DO NOT let go when it says slide to turn off. KEEP holding until screen turns off then comes back on to the Apple Logo, then you can let go.

    Nothing will be lost and takes under a min to reboot.
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    Have the same problem on my ip4 after the 4.3.1 upgrade, but sadly your suggestion didn't help. Even tried reset network settings to no avail

    At least the calls go thru ok. I guess I'll just try to not look at the bars.

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    I have the same problem. I just updated to 4.3.1 yesterday and today i have only One bar No matter where i go. But i Think the problem is just "visual" because I havent had connection problems.
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    I'm suspecting twitter app is the one that drains battery. Before updating twitter to its last version my battery worked great under iOS 4.3.1. Now when I use twitter in the background my battery drains extremely fast, but if I close it, it goes back to normal.
    Try this and tell the results.
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    I think this topic has been about one signal bar (not batter level)... To everyone complaining about it, are you guys having 4.3.1 updated still keeping your old base band intact? If so, it's a known problem and it's visual only...

    just hold out for patches to the process you used