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According to iTunes I have ~55GB of music in the library. Some of which has disappeared from the iTunes music folder (The iTunes music folder indicates 78GB, but individual artist folders will only show the art work and size reflects no mp3 files). If I try to copy music back to an individual folder (from network drive backup), the computer asks me if I want to replace it. If I say yes then I can once again see the music in the folder. Preferences has the music folder pointing in the right place.

While all this is happening I can still play music in iTunes, even if I can't see it in the iTunes folder. How can I get it all back and and does anyone know what happened in the first place?

If I try to restore from my TC it tells me that there is not sufficient hard disk space to do so. Any help restoring the files will be appreciated.



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    I'm having a similar issue. Itunes plays the music files with no issues however when I look in the "Itunes Music" folder only about half my library is show in the folders, basically artists "A through I". I tunes says my library is 294 GB but the folder is only 143GB in size.

    The individual files play fine, they show up in the right folder within the library (using 'Show in Windows Explorer') but when I exit up to the main Music Folder I can no longer locate the folder or artists I was just looking at. and I can't look for a folder entitled "Music" because the folder listings go as far as the letter "I."

    Any help would be greaty appreciated.
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    I have the same problem. I noticed it after I allowed itunes to organize my files. I deselected the option but still can't see any of the song files. Very very strange. Not sure how to fix this but would sure like to.
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    I'm in the same boat. I'm able to play a song fine, but I'm 'missing' the music file for that song. They are not where iTunes is saying they are located, based on 'Get Info' for that song. Where are these files?
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    I'm also experiencing this on Windows XP and find it very strange.

    The music file exists in iTunes and play just fine. I can see them when I select "Show in Windows Explorer", but I cannot navigate to the files through Windows Explorer. I can see the folders but not the mp3 files.

    Very frustrating and unusual.

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    Same problem.  Everything in my I tunes library plays fine.  If I go to "Get Info" it will show the location of the files in the itunes library.  But if you go into the Itunes library there are no mp3 files.  Wish someone from Apple would develop a fix to restore the files.


    There are plenty of articles that talk about a glitch that causes itunes to erase your library.  That's is obviously what is happening to many users.


    If you've like me you backed up your library without actually looking to see if the files in the folder have been erased.  So I have a back up file with nothing in it. 


    Again...a fix would be nice.

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    I'm having the same issue too.  I'm on Windows 7 and its really frustrating.

    Has anyone been able to solve this issue yet?