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Hi, I have written a few songs with GB for iPad, great tool, absolutely loving it!

But for one niggle; I can't seem to "drag-and-drop" export the ".band" files I send to iTunes into my Windows 7 desktop? I understand from my research that the ".band" file is actually a folder (on Mac anyways) so I am thinking this may be the cause of the issue (being probably a different structure to that expected by Windows, hence Windows doesn't like to save it perhaps?)

Anyways, despite this what I could do with is a way of getting my ".band" files out of iTunes and on to a hard drive so that I can have backups of my compositions and share them with other members of my family that are also composing, but on different devices.

Any ideas on how this can be achieved? The simple way would seem to be the drag-out procedure that I use for the converted m4p versions of my music, but this simply doesn't work with the ".band" files...

Any help much appreciated!!

Ipad, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Ipad
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    The Band file in Windows 7 is indeed all in a folder. To get at it:
    -- Connect your iPad up to your Windows 7 machine
    -- Launch iTunes
    -- in iTunes - Click on the "Apps" Selection at the top of the window (sandwiched between "Info" and "Music" on the top
    -- Scroll down to "File Sharing" in the window
    -- Click on GarageBand in the list of apps
    -- Highlight the Band file you want to export (listed to the right under "GarageBand Documents"
    -- Click the "Save To" button

    Specify the folder you want to dump the files to. I'd recommend a new folder, or one specifically for GarageBand files.. as there will be several new files dumped there.

    That should do it . . .
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    D'oh, well I am officially a numb-skull! How did I not spot that in my hours of searching late last night?!

    Jdoolitt, thank-you, your help is much appreciated...all my songs are now backed up to my HDD & Airport disk, magic ;o)
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    Glad you got things working. Happy to help -

    Kia ora -

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    Thanks for the info! I know this was posted a while ago, but how do you then get the .band folder into your itunes? When I click "Add" it just opens the folder as opposed to importing the whole folder in. Thanks again!!