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My wife is an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance, and her entire quoting system is browser based. She is really wanting to get a MacBook Air for her work computer, but the quote system doesn't work with Safari. Every time she logs in and attempts to access the quote system, this box pops up:


I have not been able to figure out how to get past this in safari (or firefox, or chrome). Farmers says they will only support IE and Windows. Can anybody please help us with this? She wants an Air so bad, but doesn't want to buy one and have to solely use Bootcamp all **** day long. Help help help!

Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Safari AJAX Support
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    From the Safari menu bar click Safari / Preferences then select the Advanced tab. Enable the Develop menu. Then from the menu bar click Advanced / User Agent. Try IE 8, 7, or 6.

    No guarantees on that.

    Next would be a partition using BootCamp... sorry. I know you don't want to go there.

    I recommend perusing the BootCamp Installation & Setup Guide available here.

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    Sweet. I knew I would get a quick answer on here. I will give the developer option a shot tomorrow when she gets up for work. If this works, we may be shopping soon. I could also install vmware fusion, but it just seems like such a waste of good hardware and programming to only run windows on a MacBook Air (and maybe a stretch on the lower ram option). If it doesn't work, we'll probably end up getting her a Lenovo Edge or T/X series. The Air is so much more capable for the always on-the-go businesswoman though! I'd hate to ruin it with windows...
    I'll update when I know what's up. Thanks!
    Side note: if this works, can I do this on our iPad 2?
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    No.. you can't run Windows on a iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. Like I said, no guarantees with the User Agent / IE but only takes a minute to find out.

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    I was thinking more of initiating "developer mode" on the iPad like I did to unlock 4-5 finger gestures. I was half kidding (wishful thinking). I can't sign in to her system, so I'll update tomorrow when she's up and ready for work. Fingers crossed...
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    AJAX = async javascript and xml.
    make sure safari javascript is enable:
    safari --> preferences --> security --> enable javascript --> checked.
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    No dice on all options. This site just doesn't work on anything but IE. I tried chrome and firefox (mac and windows). Nothing. I actually found an old dmg of IE 5 and it mostly loaded the site, but it took like 3 minutes to load the page (it's PowerPC software) and a lot of it was jumbled. JavaScript has been enabled since day one. Looks like we're stuck with a windows pc for a while. Boooooo! Unless MS makes IE for mac again someday??????

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    I also tried WineBottler with IE8 and really couldn't get that to work properly either. Too many hoops to jump through for my wife to open a website that she has to use all day long.

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    I think for the site to work on the MacBook Air, it sounds like your options are to either:


    • Use BootCamp
    • Use VMWare Fusion/Parallels (which essentially runs Windows within an OS X window)
    • Beg and plead with the site developers to update their outdated site


    Option 2 sounds like the best of both worlds, but obviously it's not the cheapest :-/

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    Welcome back      

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    Unfortunately, my wife won't let me buy her a MacBooc Air if she has to use windows on it to do her job.  When she calls the company to complain, they say they just support Dell and IE.  In the year I've had my mac, I've never come across anything I wanted to that I couldn't.  I told her to call every morning and complain, maybe it will annoy the developers enough to do something about it.  I have vmware on my mini solely for her to use it at home when she doesn't want to fire up her Lenovo.  You would think the company would like for their agents to look classy carrying a nice mac around...

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    Did you end up finding a solution?


    I'm a Farmers agent and a guy in my district uses Parallels to access IE just by swiping the track pad to the side.  Only uses it to do quotes, etc.


    I've got a MacBook Air and I'm exploring a couple of different options including Opera. 


    Farmers Tech support has their hands full keeping the IE version running smoothly.  Hopefully they will get it up on Firefox or Chrome in the near future and all will be solved.