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A few day ago I experienced a problem with App Store.

I have iPad 1 and iOS 4.3.1.

I enter "angry birds" into search field and have 132 results as shown at the screenshot.

But I can not scroll the page, right arrow is disabled (the same as left arrow).

Moreover I have several apps installed. There are 4 of them listed below.

But only one has "INSTALLED" status.

When I enter the app page status is displayed correctly.

Top Chart displays status correctly too.


I tired to upgrade firmware to 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 several times.

Also I tried to recover from backups, then made clean installations as new device (several times too).

Seems fresh install works OK, but after installing some apps the problem appears again.


What is that?

How to fix?

Thanks for answers.




iPad, iOS 4.3.1