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I just set up my mac mini snow leopard server. I have an external hard drive connected to mac mini with movies on. When I do a screen share on the mac mini with my macbook air I don't receive audio. Suggestions?

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    Screen Sharing is just that, purely meant to share what's being seen on the screen. Its not meant to share the audio output from the other computer. You can perform actions on the computer, but its all based on what you are seeing. There are other methods for streaming your video content from the mini to the Air, which will carry audio.

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    Hey Euchre,


    your answer makes sense, but how do i share video from an  external drive on my mac mini server to my macbook air???

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    this is my first time on this i have 2 mac book pro and was able to screen share with i chat and aim and i had no problem but now the one has no volume at all

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    If the drive itself is mounted on the mini, and is included in the items shared from your mini, you could just try to watch it directly by opening via a media player installed on your Air. Because you'd be pulling it from the drive, then to the mini, then across the network this might be slow and stuttery. Other options involving media center applications like XBMC, or my favorite Plex can perform media serving functions which can also transcode the content for better quality streaming. VLC also has a server version which you could run on the mini and watch via VLC Player on the Air. These solutions are designed around exactly what you want to do.