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Greetings, I'm using Aperture on my MBP and would like to know how some of you manage your files.  Meaning, if you use a laptop, do you also use a desktop like an iMac or Mac Pro?  Do you use and external drive to store your library?  Mine is starting to get quite large.  Looking for good options...


Thanks, Scott

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    Personally I use an external storage area network that I connect to my masters using fibre channel on a MacPro and gig-e on my laptops. For the most part the libraries on my laptops/macbooks are temporary in nature for images I make in the field or need to take portions of my library with me on the road.


    This is pretty easy to do with Aperture's project import/export options with some liberal and intelligent use of "consolidate" masters.


    I have a bunch of stuff here:





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    Bob Rockefeller Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)

    I use both a MacBook Pro in the field and a MacPro in the office. The MacPro holds all my images on an internal RAID array that is backed up via TimeMachine to an external RAID array and to the cloud via BackBlaze.


    While in the field, I create a new project on the MacBook Pro and put all the images I take there. I can do some basic editing and maybe a few simple adjustments, too, but its hard to trust the color management on a glossy MacBook Pro screen. When I get back to the office, I export that project as a library and then I import that library into my master library on the MacPro. There I do all the "real" work.



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    Side note...


    I cannot wait to see some cool interfaces and arrays that use thunderbolt I/O - this should streamline my moving stuff around quite nicely. I have found that even though I don't do super critical work on my laptops in terms of color that once you get used to the new macbook displays they are actually quite useful to use and pretty darn consistent. After about 3 months of working on a new display it sort of gets internalized where I know exactly how it will look when displayed on my other devices at home - how it will print - etc.


    The funny thing is I am using my macbook air far more than my 15 inch at this point. The performance is not stellar and competes in no way with my new 15" but it by no means is unusable.



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    RB, Thanks for the response.  Your site is great and looks like it has a lot of useful tips and information.  I will definitely be looking through it some more.  May I ask what you used to create your site and what blogging tool you're using?


    Thanks, Scott

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    Bob, Thanks for the information... Scott

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    For this iteration it is a semi-custom, semi-hacked, semi-kludged, wordpress theme with very very few plug-ins. I run it on a very very cheap piece of my server cloud. The image icons etc are a real pain to manage and I just type directly into the wordpress web interface.


    Honestly I am really digging posterous.com and would probably go that way if I had the time to move my content and make it reasonably accessible. Either that or a custom content engine built by me in ruby. I am not a big fan of the wordpress creeping horror at this point but I have a 3 or so year investment in content. Maybe I will move it all to posterous.com on a weekend that I am having some sort of drinking binge and see how it goes...


    If you are looking for a really cool blogging platform check out posterous