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Thread I've replied to and am following keeps disappearing. This is not due to a recent reply changing its position. Shows up sometimes in Overview, All Content, or Discussions. Anyone else seeing this kind of behavior? Maddening.

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    Right now it's showing up in All Content. If I use Refine this list to go to the forum where it belongs, it disappears. Now I'm back in All Content, after having removed Refine this list and it's gone, disappeared. Now, if I go to Overview where it wasn't showing a second ago and then back to All Content, it reappears. Something like that, anyway.



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    Someone posted this link yesterday:




    You might want to relate that anomaly there..... it has a section for Discussions, so it may help (or not?)...



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    Thanks Barbara, but I think what I really need is some no, a lot of, Thorazine. Suffering PTNFD, Post Traumatic New Forum Disorder. I'm having flashbacks to a kinder, gentler forum that once existed in a far away happy, peaceful land where elves would come in the middle of the night to finish making all the shoes I was working on.


    I'm hearing someone quietly whimpering under the table. Could that be me?

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    Quiet whimpering under the table. Could that be me?



    You've never done anything quietly - why start now? So, just be yourself