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I am creating a number of titles slides in FCP with bullit lists and simple strategies that pop up through out the video.

We are doing both an english and spanish versions. Our editor would like to send me all titles from Microsoft Word to import

to FCP to avoid me retyping all of them. Is this a doable approach? If not Word would another program work better?




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    Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,835 points)

    You can't import MS Word documents into Final Cut Pro.

    You can however, copy and paste the text into one or the other of FCP's two text generators or use the text generator in Motion.


    Additionally, you might try converting the Word documents to .pdf. Might work, I never tried it. In any case you must make sure that your text conforms to the safe area regions on screen. There's no way to do that in Word and I doubt that whoever is making the documents is aware of safe area, otherwise they would not have suggested this workflow.

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    Michael Grenadier Level 7 Level 7 (20,115 points)

    You  might do some googling on subtitling programs that are compatible with fcp.  You can copy and paste to your hearts content within these programs and then import to fcp via xml.   It also will save time in creating an alternate language version.


    This is the one area where the fcp default text tool is better to use than boris title3D. 

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    ah, my favorite topic: subtitles. I really should write a paper on it.

    Turns out that we were the first ones to actually use DVD SP's subtitling. Had to change with it over the years.

    You can build a spreadsheet file to do the whole thing. It's ok to use unicode, the mac will handle it all.

    Nowadays I use Sublime to do the whole thing. Saves my life and it's relatively cheap. One of the great failings of the subtitling process in DVDSP is the inability to save the final file (in DVDSP) and move it to different projects. You end up making a portable file in the STL format and moving that one around. Sublime will use templates to which you can add additional languages. I also use text templates that let me take a single subtitle, or groups of them, and move them around on the screen (oh, say, to the upper left or right, or just high enough to miss the title bar). Can add color and all sorts of stuff.