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Thomas O'Carroll Level 2 Level 2 (300 points)

I feel like I'm missing something really simple with my current head scratcher.


I have finished an edit in FCP, sent it to Color for grading and returned the result back to FCP. I now discover I need to do a further picture edit (replace a couple of clips). How can do this edit without having to go through a whole grade /render again?


I'd like to send this new FCP tweak/edit Back to Color, see all my exising grading work (settings I made etc) but with the new edits sitting there waiting attention.


If this is not possible, what do folks do when they find they have to make slight picture changes to an edit that has been fully graded in Color? Write down settings they used previously for the new clips for eg?


(And don't tell, me no-one is ever asked to make changes to what was supposed to be a "final edit" ;-)


(I've been editing in HDV and rendering in prores if it matters)




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    Michael Grenadier Level 7 Level 7 (20,125 points)

    it's there in the manuals.  If I remember correctly you export an xml of your revised sequence and in color you go to file:  reconform and point to the updated xml.  But why don't you do a search in the color help for "reconform."


    I think when you have this sort of question, just looking at menu items will give you a clue as to where to look.

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    Thomas O'Carroll Level 2 Level 2 (300 points)

    Thank you Michael.


    You are of course correct that one needs to export an xml of the revised sequence and then its "reconform" in color and select the exported XML.


    I feel a bit daft - I'm not a newb at this. Its just been a while since I had to go through this exact process. And I did have a look in the documentation stuff - honest


    To be fair this "round tripping" is a bit of a fudge.


    In case it is useful to others its worth noting:


    First send your sequence to Color from FCP via "send to color"

    Have your play in Color and then "send to FCP", To generate your new FCP sequence.

    If you need to change the original FCP edit and you want to have your Color project updated accordingly, you must change the original FCP edit (not the one generated by Color! - indeed it must be the one you used to "send to Color") and export it as an XML file. Now open that original Color project and select "reconform" and point to that XML file.

    tweak your picture changes and then "send to FCP" again for another new FCP sequence.


    I am looking forward to seeing what Apple have done with the new FCP X with regards to this whole thing! I'll put money on adopting a new work flow in near future :-)


    Thanks Michael again, for giving my addled brain a nudge

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    Nelson Goforth Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Thanks for the detailed explanation, Thomas.  Solved my problem right away.


    One difficulty with finding things in the manual is know what term to search for.  The section about FCP and Color only goes as far as the first send back and forth.  It should probably have touched on the "Reconnect" menu item and how to handle a re-edit as a whole  -- for instance needing to be sure which sequence you DID send to Color (and maybe to not change sequence names).