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What can u suggest for a good screen protector for ipad2?

iPad 2
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    MyMac8MyPC Level 4 Level 4 (1,440 points)

    Technically the best one would be from Zagg, BUT it can be hard for some people to install. The film that they use was originally made to protect US military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. If you have a little patience then the Zagg protector is all you need, BUT if you want to slap something on quickly, then get a different screen protector because it takes a few minutes to correctly install the Zagg. Not hard, just time consuming

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    I offer a different perspective.  I don't agree the best is from Zagg.  Even professionally installed, it doesn't look great (at least to me) and it doesn't feel natural on one's finger (it feels sticky and the screen doesn't - at least using my fingers - respond as well).  I tried both the anti-glare and crystal and had them both removed (after paying additional for a professional to install them). 


    Personally, I'm going to get Power Supports screen protector.  I've had a Power Support screen protector on my iPhone 4 (and previously on my 3G) and I think they make an incredible product.  It applies easily (without liquids) as it's a static mount and is pretty indestructable. 

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    I just bought and installed the

    SGP iPad 2 3G + Wifi Screen and Body Protector Set Incredible Shield Series (ATT Only)

    I bought it at amazon.com. The front screen protector looks beautiful, unlike the zagg which has a orange peel look to it (also people posted about the color of the smart covers bleeding onto the zagg)

    The back skin took me less than five minutes to install. SGP's web site has video's on how to install. It was easy. It looks great and it works fine with the smart cover.

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    Sheryl Smith-Rodgers Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    What about keeping the protective wrapping (that came on the iPad) attached? I haven't taken mine off yet.

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    The shields being recommended are military grade and almost indestructible. That film that came on the iPad was just meant to get it through the assembly and shipping process.


    I do not use a screen protector, I am careful and use a Smart Cover. But I love the BodyGuardz back protector I installed.

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    get ClearPro ULTRA. its thinner than zaggs and isnt sticky. Feels just like the glass. Check it out. And they have cabon fiber too! http://www.clearprotector.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=ipad+2&x=0&y=0&limit =all

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    I had to remove my Zagg with the origional iPad due to the color of the stock Apple cover wearing off and embeding itself into the screen protector. I didn't realize this and sent it into AppleCare and upon return the screen protector had been removed, as well as the growing blue line that lined up perfectly on the left-had side, inline with the black flap of the cover. Perhaps it's the dies of the material? At any rate, think I'll go w/out a protector for a while.

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    Sheryl Smith-Rodgers Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    After posting a similar question, I took someone’s advise and spent $5 on a microfiber cloth and passed on getting a screen cover. I'm happy with my decision. (I also bought a Marware case, which protects the screen.)