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I have a problem with iPhoto '08, version 7.1.5. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on a 2006 intel iMac with 4gb RAM.


I'm not sure when or why this started happening, but recently I've noticed that when I open iPhoto it loads quite quickly and all the photos appear, but then I get the spinning beach ball for about 20 secs or so. Obviously, I can't do anything until the beach ball stops spinning. It's only 20 secs but it's bugging the **** out of me.


I actually have 2 libraries, my current one which has only 1,000 photos in it, and my older one which has around 4,800. This problem occurs in both libraries. In fact, the other day I created a new library and the same problem occurred then, with a completely empty library!


I've read on the forums here about some other people having a similar problem but the solutions offered have not helped me. I've deleted the plist file, I've rebuilt the library and checked that I have no sharing options switched on.


To provide as much info as I can, the older library has around 4,600 photos plus some movies and is 8.6gb. The newer, current library has 1,000 photos plus some movies and is 4.3gb (2.4gb of that is movie clips).


I'm thinking that if it happens with an empty library then it has nothing to do with the content. Would that be a safe assumption?


Any suggestions on what I could do, other than put up with it? I hate knowing there's something wrong with it.


I have my iLife '08 disc.  Would there be nothing to lose in trying to re-install iPhoto?


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