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I tried to install Windows 7 64-bit on a MacPro running MacOS 10.6.7 with Bootcamp Version 3.0.4 (325).

I get the following hardware information from 'About This Mac':

Model Name:          Mac Pro

  Model Identifier:          MacPro1,1

  Processor Name:          Dual-Core Intel Xeon

  Processor Speed:          2.66 GHz

  Number Of Processors:          2

  Total Number Of Cores:          4

  L2 Cache (per processor):          4 MB

  Memory:          4 GB

  Bus Speed:          1.33 GHz

  Boot ROM Version:          MP11.005C.B08

  SMC Version (system):          1.7f10


After I inserted the Windows installation DVD and boot it up, I got an empty screen that asked me to select boot type, 1 or 2.

The keyboard did not respond any input so the whole installation was hung.  Can someone shed some light on what may went wrong?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)