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Aperture slideshow is terrible in terms of entering any text on a photo.  It appears that you have to export the photos from Aperture to the desktop to import the photos to iMovie to be able to add quite good text to individual photos. While I am new to the Apple system (I am quite knowledgable in Windows), I am surprised that iMovie cannot import an Album or a Project from Aperture.  It does not appears possible to to copy and paste from Aperture to the project created in iMovie without exporting to the desktop.  This seems like a step backwards.


Since I come from Windows I will be importing most of my photos into Lightroom3 and doing  most of my work.  Yet, there are features in Aperture that I like and will probably use both for the time being.  I am using Aperture 3 and iLife11.  New Macbook Pro

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.7)