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During setup of some MCX's applied on a user group, I found that there is only an option to allow or disallow applications to be run.

Also there is a possibility to allow or disallow apps in certain folders.


Now I was wondering if it is possible to stop people from installing applications in a certain folder, lets say ~/Applications.

What I could think of would be to allow people to only run apps from this folder, and restrict them from installing new ones in it.


Can this be done?


(I was thinking along the lines of disallowing write rights to the App folder, but I guess this will cause problems with the apps in that folder.)


Please collaborate



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    Well, normal user can't install any software by default I think, only the administrator account have access to install software. So if your users are not administrators they can not install new software in the Applications folder, if they don't have the administrators login info. Some applications can be run when you download them, but you can restrict the use of those on WGM, by setting a list of applications that are only allowed to run.

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    I was playing around, and indeed I didn't think about the fact that non-admins can't install apps in the app folder.

    Also I only allow apps to be run from the App folder, so downloaded apps should not be a problem any more.


    Thx for the quick and relevant answer!


    10 points to you

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    Glad that I could help!