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    netzis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Was already signed out since I tried the other "fix" to delete exchange and wipe the iPhone. So no luck here.
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    zenaloha Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Tried every solution listed in this thread and others to no avail. Finally made a Genius appointment and they replaced the phone. New phone is running 4.2.1 and now I'm a bit apprehensive about upgrading to 4.3.1. This is my first iPhone and I can honestly say I'm not impressed to hear so many comments on this forum regarding sucking it up and dealing with data corruption after upgrades. Not dealing with glitchy software and hardware with my Mac computers is the reason I bought an iPhone. Sorry to see that the same reliability doesn't seem to extend across all their product platforms.
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    Dawgfanclark Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    This has helped a bit.. Not sure if it's really back to normal.

    Did full restore (from backup)
    Allowed iPhone battery to fully die.
    Left "dead" for 4-5 hours.
    Charged back to 100%.
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    I deleted my email and mobileme profiles from my iPhone, then rebooted, then I added them again: SOLVED!

    My battery is now even better than before, something probably got stucked in email sync, even if it was working fine apparently.


    Please Apple, test your firmware better next time.

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    This is a really great point LF. I have had an iPhone 4 since the day it was launched and downloaded every update as soon as it was available (currently on 4.3.2 on AT&T) - with no issue until last week. So it's very hard to determine exactly what changed to cause my sudden and noticeable battery drain.


    I'm not one to normally go and check every setting of every app, but clearly I need to since persistence of connection can occur from the store, a game, an app left open, location services, and email. Looks like I'm just going to have to try different variables each day until I can somewhat narrow and identify.


    Will see what I find.

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    i not long ago got the 3gs, dont have that many apps on it mainly due to not having much time to use it as I work during the day so only really need it for calling texting.


    update the software a few days ago im now having problems with text messages taking time to load, the main app i use live profile freezing and mainly my phone is in my locker for about 8 hours a day not being used on standby, after 1 phone during the day my phone is about 20%-30% battery, where as before i would be 60%-70%.


    anyone know if apple will be fixing this

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    This is an absolute JOKE!


    Your phone was upgraded from 4.2.* to 4.3.1 or 4.3.2 and post upgrade your exchange email sync has a fault which causes your phone to constantly sync mail for no reason. This is why your phone is running out of juice within 4 to 8 hours of use.


    I upgraded to 4.3.1 and my perfectly normal battery life went to about 8 hours and the phone was turning off. After living with it for a few weeks 4.3.2 came out. I upgraded to this and the problem was still there. After much searching on the internet the only solution which works is a full hardware reset of the phone. Then my phone was back to normal running 4.3.2.


    Now here is the bad news!!!!!   I got my mobile bill today and I had used 20GB of data in the three weeks of running 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 before the reset. I have unlimited data but at a fair usage policy of 10GB and I now have to pay my provider over £100 for the extra 10GB. I do not use the phone for anything but calls and mail. I do not surf the web or download anything. I certainly dont watch movies or download music or anything. I have not been roaming and left my providers network at any point.


    I called Apple and they are not interested at all!


    I have to get a letter from my provider to state what the activity was during this period and make a formal complaint to Apple.


    This is so unfair!!!!!!! Apples cruddy software update has cost me over £100.


    I am so sad about this as I have two children under 16 months and money is really tight.


    I would urge all of you to check with your providers to see how much data you have used and hardware reset asap or you could get some nasty surprises.

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    ABC CEO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear all,


    We are business users of iPhones, operating about 60 of them. Massive problems on battery life, since OS 4.3.3 even worse than after 4.3.1, we have at least 20 phones that drain within 4 hours without usage and within 2,5 hours including usage. There is no solution that works, according to our IT Manager, our own tests and even according to our contacts within Apple. That is to say, they cannot or wil not offer a working solution. Problems occur with every iPhone model, 3, 3GS, 4, and so on.


    Given the length of time it is taking Apple to solve this and given the fact that Apple cannot offer a solution, we do believe this problem will not be solved at all. Apple seems to forget that battery is much needed when wanting to use the phone for just that: phone calls. It requires phones to be up for at least one business day.


    Even though I have been an Apple lover for years, the iPhone is costing us too much business and time and energy now. We have today had to decide abolish all iPhones and to switch to Android, with which our employees have never encountered such crucial problems.


    I am sorry to say...

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    Hi ABC CEO.


    The solution to this problem is easy but painful.


    You need to do a factory reset on the 4.3.3 software and wipe all your settings. Do NOT restore any backups you may have in iTunes as this just resurects the problem. You need to setup your mailboxes maunally on the freshly reset phone and the battery life and phone will be back to normal.


    Don't bother trying any other solutions. I went round and round trying to fix it and the hard reset and not restoring a backup is the only way it worked.


    I was so upset at Apple that I sold my iPhone and have pledged never to use their products again. Even after they gave me an iPod Nano as a good will guesture. I gave that away and short of a iPod do not have any other Apple products. I will be ditching the iPod as well when I have time to burn all my music on CD and then rip it back in to a non apple device.


    I feel your pain as this caused me so much grief for three weeks.


    Please try the reset on one of your devices. Once it is working you can then sell them all and recoupe some of your investment in buying the dam things.



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    ABC CEO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey NLKJSY,


    Thanks for the tip on the factory reset, I will surely try it on my private iPhone as my whole house is Apple (MacBook Pro, MacMini, iMac, iPad).


    Companywise however it is a nonsense action to manualy reset 60 phones, especially not knowing whether the same will not happen after the 4.3.4 or 4.4 update. We did encounter the same after 4.3.1 as well, this happening a second time does not increase trust.


    As for your dislike towards Apple as a whole, I must admit that as a person I am an Apple adept. I am thus looking at this from a different angle: sure, my iPhone will end up in the nearby lake, but all other Apples that function will remain. I just hope my new Android phone will work with my home network just like my iPhone does. And if not, then maybe I can still use my Android for its primary functions: to call and to email. But maybe that is a revolutionary thought...


    I am surprised that Apple offered you any compensation whatsoever, it does imply a recognition of fault on Apple's behalf. Apple's attitude towards us is quite different indeed, as they tend to 'blame' apps rather than the OS.

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    Hi ABC CEO,


    I spent many hours on the phone to Apple and had to really fight my corner. Basically the battery drain is caused by the phone continually syncing when it shouldnt if you have Exchange mailboxes. It appears to only take place when upgrading from a previous version and restoring your settings back to the phone. It seems to get confused and just sync all the time.


    As i mentioned I got around the problem with a hardware reset and manually keying the settings. However, when I got my mobile phone bill in the post i had used 20GB of data in just under three weeks. I called Apple and the arguing began. Eventually they agreed that it was not the mobile operators fault, they also agreed it was not my fault but they did not agree it was the Apple hardware or software at fault. I then asked them who's fault it was then? and I couldnt believe the answer i was given. They said it was the "Technology" at fault to which I replied with "who makes the tecnology?".


    I stuck to my guns and insisted that the manager look into the issue and they refused to pay the extra £100 I was charged by the network due to the 20GB of data usage. Then 20 mins later they called back and said if I send them my mobile bill they would give me £100 worth of vouchers to spend on the online store as a guesture of good will. So, what changed in the 20 mins? They looked and found out there was an issue obviously.


    I contacted my mobile phone operator and they printed out my bill which was 166 pages long and I sent it to Apple. They called me and said that it was clear that the phone had a problem and gave me the vouchers. It was syncing every few seconds, all through the night and every minute it could until the battery was flat.


    I would encouage anyone out there who is having this issue to check with their mobile provider to ensure they are not running up a huge bill.


    I am not an anti Apple person. I dont fall into the PC / Mac debate. If it works then use it and be happy. But this is not the first problem I have had with my Apple product and the support really is not very good. I really had to fight with them which was unpleasant to get anywhere. It shouldnt be like this and for that reason I have decided to walk away.


    Andorid is great and works really well with Exchange mail. Touchdown for Android is a very good Exchange client if the standard Andorid one doesnt cut it for you. I am now using a Nokia E7 device with Mail For Exchange as email is the most important thing for my phone usage. I cannot do without it. Yes the Nokia is not as advanced as the Apple but it works and is reliable.


    I hope you manage to resolve your issues


    All the best

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    Hi again NLKJSY,


    We have had similair experiences, one employee being billed EUR 1,680.- due to a 'technological imperfection' that Apple refuses to blame on itself. It seems to me you have had to go through an unprecedented amount of trouble, if one would calculate the hours you spent, the money you received would make it your worst paid job ever. I now fully comprehend your frustration.


    Our other employees that weren't using iPhones to begin with, over 100 of them, have been working with the latest gen HTC phones, which are relatively problem free. We have just ordered 65 to replace the iPhones. Funny really, as we were about to decide vice versa in iPhone's favour.


    As for contacting Apple, we have ceised any and all communication with them, as no solution was offered or let alone put in sight in the nearby future. I have decided to post our problems online for the benefit of other users, to let them know that they are not the only one experiencing difficulties even after the latest upgrade. Our experience is broader than single users posting and might thus be used for their benefit. We have nothing left to gain from it.


    So if we can send you a complementary iPhone, drop us a line, we have 3GS 16/32GB and 4 16/32GB to choose from. Second hand, but free of charge.

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    I'm not sure that it's an exchange server issue. I did a full reload of my iPhone 4 and wife's iPhone 4. My battery issue was fixed but not hers.


    I use Yahoo, MobileMe, Gmail and an exchange server.

    She uses Yahoo for email and MobileMe for ONLY the calendar and contacts - not email.


    I'm baffled.


    Apple surely must know about the problem. I just wish that they'd say something about it.


    Do we all need to email Steve?  I'm gonna try it. We need our phones to last longer than. Couple of hours.


    By the way, my wife's data usage is very small. However, she's almost always on a wifi network with it.

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    Hi ABC CEO,


    It really is a shame when a huge company like Apple has such bad customer service. After every time I spoke with them I felt dejected because of the arrogance of the uncaring people I spoke with. It would have been more professional for them to have listened, noted and investigated my complaint and then responded in writing and/or followed up with a courtesy phone call. Instead they just refuse to acknoledge that anything they do is wrong or could ever cause anyone any problems. "Like it or lump it you are wrong, we are right, dont call and waste our time again" is the message I inferred from them.


    Its funny now looking back at the long call I had with a manager where he openly agrued with me for over 30 mins on the phone. When I asked him to undertake his own investigations into this issue as I had done mine and that there are tens of thousands of people on the internet and in forums with the identical problems he answered with "we have sold millions of iphones so tens of thousands make this a very small and minor problem".


    Thank you for your kind a generous offer and as tempted as I am to take the lot and make some rather rubbish modern art sculpture out of them I think I will pass.  At least the sculpture would have some use and would be fit for purpose. Maybe we could call the piece "Rotten Apples, not so smart phones."


    Do check out Touchdown for Android if your using this platform as it works real well with Exchange and Activesync. I wish you the best of luck with your HTC devices. I have had many HTC handsets and the build quality has always been excelent. The HTC Sense UI amendments have always been hit and miss. They work really well on some handsets and sluggish on others. It just depends on the hardware spec. However, nearly all phones now have huge amounts of processing power so its not so much of an issue anymore.


    I am not sure where the mobile handset industry is going to go from here. Everything coming has dual core processors, high res screens, big cameras, huge storage, etc. What can they do next to make people want to upgrade? The only difference is the OS and they are all copying each other in this area as well. So what Apple has an app store with millions of useless apps. I can see a dancing hippo on my screen, tell what music is playing, read a barcode and find out I am holding a can of beans, etc. As long as you have Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, Internet, eBay, Skype thats all that matters. They all do this.

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    Hey Mickinator,


    You need to do a hard reset on the device that used the Exchange mailbox. Look online for instructions on how to do a proper hard reset. Then you phone will be as it was when you bought it but running the newer software. When you plug into iTunes DO NOT allow it to restore your previous settings and apps to the device. If you do this it will just put the problem back again. You need to manually enter all your settings and tell iTunes this is a new device.


    This will resolve your problem but you will have the annoyance of putting everything back on your iPhone from scratch.


    Let me know how you get on.