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I have a Apple PowerPC G5, purchased in Jan. 2005 (2g, 512 MB). Use it only for light  home duty, some graphics work, reports, etc (yeah, way much computer, but  it is what I wanted and I used bonus $$ to buy). 


About a year and a half ago my HD went south, after warranty ended. I installed got two new, larger HD's, worked fine.   


A few months after that we had a power outage (live in Fla., land of  power outs), and I could not get the computer to activate. It would start, but then it would go to the Apple gray screen and spin there,   eventually getting the circle with bar through it.   


I took it to local Apple store to have it diagnosed. Tech said it was   his opinion that it was logic board. Too expensive to replace he said.   Better off getting new.    


Took back home, plugged in. Out of pique, kept turning it off and on. *Surprise!* It activated. *Until* the next power outage. Had to go through the multiple off and on routine. Now, every time there's an outage, or I need to shut off the Mac for whatever reason (IP address needs rebooted, or related shutdown routine), I have to go though an  extended off/on routine, sometimes *days*!. Sometimes would stay black   screen and I'd get the racing engine effect.   


I did notice during this that the light on my mouse comes on initially,       then will go off and come back on within 10 seconds if the machine is       going to start. Stays off, natch, if it isn't.   


If this is truly a logic board, any idea on cost of replacing or any       suggestions on something else it could be. I have cracked the case,       blown out the innards, made sure everything was connected, etc.   


Any ideas would be a big help.   


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    My PowerMac G5 just died so I can relate. I went the upgrade route and now Mac Pro. It is really great.


    If I lived where there were that many power outages I would have my electronics on UPS so that they could be shut down gracefully during the outages.


    With all of those power outages have your been using Disk Utility to Repair your disk of any disk corruption they may have caused.




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    Yeah, UPS is in my future

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    I had a similar issue with a MDD G4 tower I bought new in 2002. The problem wasn't the logic board--it was the power supply. Luckily I had the original PS sitting on the shelf since this machine qualified for Apple's G4 power supply replacement program (they sent out new ones with slightly quieter fans to deal with MDD noise issues). When my replacement PS gave "cold start" problems after a few years' use (requiring multiple presses of the power button), I was able to pop the original back in, and the problem disappeared. I'd definitely recommend a UPS, and you might consider getting a used G5 with similar specs--might be cheaper than buying a power supply or logic board separately.