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I was recently given a PowerMac G4 MDD but am having a problem with it.


Sometimes it will start and boot OK but other times it will do nothing, no chime, nothing on the screen and after a few seconds the fans (or a fan) appears to start running at full speed.


Turning it off and back on usually makes it work.



I have checked the PRAM battery which seems good at 2.67v, and then I tried resetting the PMU as suggested on the forum somewhere but that didn't help either.



Normally being a Windows\PC person I am not really sure what to do next. I get the impression it's a hardware problem but not sure what.


Hopefully someone else will recognise these symptoms and can help me!

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PowerPC G4 MDD (M8570) Dual 867 Mhz