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Hello everybody,


i am running synology as NAS in my network. I use my NAS as sharing point for my music.

In my itunes (on mac mini) i can see the sharing point and can play songs form the network.


I want to remote control the sharing point with my iphone with the remote app. This is annoying

as I cn remote control only local songs and not sharingpoint in my itunes.


I this not supported or I am doing something wrong ;  (



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    I believe the remote control app needs to talk to a real instance of iTunes running on a computer rather than the built-in iTunes-alike media server in your NAS. "Not supported" would seem to fit the bill.



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    I run a real itunes on mac mini  ;  )


    Dont wanna access directly to my NAS ... but would be great actually


    My setup is like;


    NAS >>> MAC Mini iTunes (sharing the mp3 files) >>> Remote App   ????


    When MP3 files are local on mac mini or referenced to NAS than its workign but I am

    not able to control sharing MP3 files in iTunes