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I just bought a Belkin Usb Bluetooth adapter and recently also IoGear Bluetooth adapter.  Both of them are seen by System Profiler and System preferences, but my keyboard and mouse won't pair with them.


In the Bluetooth pane in Systeme preferences I can click 3 texts besisde the big Bluetooth logo.

They are:

1-  Bluetooth Power is Off. To use Bluetooth, first you must turn it on.

2-  2.4.0f1

3-  Broadcom  [v14 c20868] (H4.20868) L4.16910)


Belkin support tells me to reach Apple because 2.4.0f1 refers to an error.  But I'm not sure anymore. It seems to be referring to the Bluetooth File Exchange utility version.


Would anyone have a clue why I'm not able to connect bluetooth devices with Bluetooth Setup Assistant?


Oh yeah!  I do remember sending a file through Bluetooth File exchange. I'm just not able to connect devices with Bluetooth Setup Assistant.


Any clue on whats going on?





Mac Pro 2006, 2.66Ghz, Mac Os X

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)