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Apologies if this is a common knowledge issue or there's a simple fix; very new to my iPad 2 and no amount of searching on this or any other forum could help me find the answer I was looking for.

Some of the custom encoded H.264 videos I've transferred to my iPad seem to exhibit an unusual characteristic: for a split second at the start and end of playback (i.e. when the video first appears and disappears from the Video Info page), the gamma/brightness appears to be fine. As soon as playback begins, however, things appear brighter than they should be. This behavior does not occur with my Digital Copy movies, nor with any other video content I've viewed; it seems to be H.264 only?

I would think maybe the application I'm using is causing some sort of color profile/brightness issue, but the videos playback just fine on my Windows 7 PC. Does anyone else put custom encoded H.264 video on their iPad 2? Have you noticed this particular issue? My next step is try and encode using Handbrake, but I've already encoded so many videos using the other software, I hesitate to go through all the work again if there happens to be a simpler solution?

Does anyone else have this issue?

Thank you very much!

iPad 2, iOS 4