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I bought the iMac a week ago and after loading all my software I moved the computer to my office.  Once positioned I noticed that the screen is crooked.  I had to put a small stack of business cards to get the screen to be level with the desk.  I guess this is something I can live with but I shelled out a lot of cash to have to MacGyver a solution.  Does anyone know how this can be adjusted?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I'm assuming you've checked the desk and it is level and you've looked at the foot of the iMac to ensure it isn't missing any parts or has something there that is pushing one side up to high.


    If all the above is true then there isn't anything you can adjust as the iMac is not designed to tilt horizontally.  The screen only goes up an down.  Take the computer back where you bought it if you are still within the return time frame and show them the issue or you may wish to make an appointment with a Mac Genius at an Apple store, contact AppleCare via phone, or contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance.



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    Thank you for the reply.


    I've certainly checked the desk as well as looked for anything under the base.  It appears that the base was misaligned.  When looking from the top of the monitor directly down at the base, it is evident that it is angled slightly back left as well as dipping on the left side.  I didn't really want to go through the process of reinstalling all the software on the next machine.  Will a time machine back up allow me to get back to where I am on a new system?

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    Yes / No.


    In theory it contains all the non-apple applications in it's memory.  Sometimes non-Apple applications do not like being restored from TimeMachine and must be re-installed from disk.  No way to know until you try.


    If you are running Apple Profesional applications like Final Cut, Logic, or Aperture they must be reinstalled from disk.

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    Thank you again for the insight.



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    Hi, I have just finished a review of 27" iMac. Yes, its screen was tilted to the left. I concluded it was because the iMac is not perfectly horizontally ballanced. Its left side is somewhat heavier. (You can try that yourself.) Apple engineers apparently did not consider this factor to the extent it would have deserved.

    Yes, I put a stack of cards and various papers under the left side of the stand.

    It was not only the table.

    While 27" iMac may expose many a table not to be perfectly level, one can measure easily that the distance between the screen and the the stand is smaller on the left side than on the right side.

    One can obviously employ a level to make sure the screen is level regardless of the table; though it feels much better to have both level. The stand cannot be.

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    You have 14 days to return the machine for any reason, which includes a replacement. This assumes you bought it directly from Apple. If you did simply call AppleCare and they will help you exchange it. If you bought it from a reseller then you have to deal with the return policies of the reseller or work with AppleCare to get it covered under warranty. Which ever method you choose backup the complete system using Time Machine or create a bootable clone so when the replacement arrives you can use Setup Assistant to restore and be back up and running within an hour or two.