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What happens to my websites created in iWeb when iCloud replaces IWeb (Rumoured)?...

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  • Machist Calculating status...

    I put just feedback to Apple.

    Hope that is true what edos said

  • graderguy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is somewhat telling to see the description of publishing websites on apples iWeb page

    "Manage and publish your way.


    Publish your website the way you want, wherever you want, directly from your Mac. iWeb makes it easy. It takes just a few clicks to publish your site to any hosting service via FTP.


    Manage multiple websites in iWeb with ease. Use the iWeb site organizer to reorganize, rename, or delete individual pages or entire websites. iWeb creates navigation menus for each site. And you can publish one site at a time via FTP." 


    No mention of Mobileme, or iCloud when IIRC they used to make a big to-do about how easy it was to publish to mobile me.  You never know what Apple will do, but my gut tells me iWeb will still exist, but we'll be publishing to other host services.....

  • Forrest Jerome1 Level 2 Level 2 (375 points)

    "Perhaps using your own computer as a server will be an option. Start reading the manual."


    while feasible, probably not practical for anyone that has a web site with anything more than minimal traffic.  suspect most home connection plans would choke on web traffic.

  • jiminvancouver Calculating status...

    I am blown away. Just last month, to continue my MobileMe hosting I had to pay another year's fee, no free year for me! and I run a small business off of iWeb and host it on MobileMe ....something everyone warned me not to do. Now, it doesn't matter if I can transfer to another host or not, web searches that pay for my home, health care and so on will not be finding me. This can destroy my business, which relies on my web site being found. Now the urls will lead to nothing?  How can Apple not answer this simple question? Will our hosted pages remain or not? We need to decide! If there isn't an answer in a week I'm leaving Apple completely.  The disrespect for people's business's is amazing. It would take 30 seconds to inform us!

  • jiminvancouver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    JUST upload to another server? There are dozens of sites with links to my MobileMe site, and my business depends upon them. Sure, I can upload to another server, but honestly, I can't trust Apple anymore. iWeb could be gone next week, next month, next year and then all of your web page addresses will have to change. A small business that FINALLY is listed on Google and other search engines can be destroyed by this move.

  • jiminvancouver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My MobileMe just renewed too. I had to, because my websites are hosted there. What a mistake! My business is in deep trouble now. Moving to another host will do serious damage to my business. And Apple still hasn't told us if we will still be hosted, or not.

  • Goomer67 Calculating status...

    It is possible that they will continue supporting this, like someone else mentioned.  But it should not be just a rumour.  Abandoning iWeb hosting without not even mentioning it is just plain wrong.  Keeping it supported would be great news, but again, not mentioning anything to users is just plain wrong!


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  • Evan Forman Calculating status...

    Okay, look.  I'm not thrilled about this situation--especially the not-knowing-what's-going-to-happen end of it, but you all need to tone down the righteous indignation.  Two factors here:


    1)  iWeb + MobileMe was never meant to be a robust commercial hosting solution for your lifestyle-sustaining business.  It only costs $100/year, for jebus sakes.  Real commercial web hosting, not to mention design and updates, costs many times that for a good reason.  No such thing as something for nothing, and if you chose to build a business by maxing out the specs of a consumer-grade tool, I'm sorry to say that I have little sympathy for you.


    2)  We have over a year to figure this thing out.  You don't think that either (a) Apple will let us keep hosting/updating our sites via some paid/free iCloud/MoblieMe hybrid or (b) some other entity like Squarespace, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. will come up with a viable transition strategy?


    As I said, I'm a bit worried about my own site (, but I'm not ready to panic yet.




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  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6 (9,690 points)

    Please tell me exactly what iWeb has to do with MobileMe and hosting your website?  Answer = NOTHING.


    iWeb is an app that is used to build websites and if you have it you will still be able to use it to build a website and it will still continue to work and it has nothing to do with hosting your site via MobileMe at all.  The two are independent of each other and iWeb does not need MMe to work.


    Don't quite see how you will have to change names or lose Google ranking?  If you have a business website then surely you must already have a domain name?  If so, then your name will not need to change and if it has the same name, then it will still be picked up by Google wherever it is hosted.

  • Forrest Jerome1 Level 2 Level 2 (375 points)

    Even, wise words.


    where Apple dropped the ball here was by not saying ANYTHING.  even a "we know you are out there, notice is coming." comment would have avoided the furor.


    that being said, i would be very surprised if they didn't know exactly what they are going to do.  this had to have been part of there planning.  maybe they are not ready to SAY what they are going to to, but i bet they know what it is.


    Ethmoid, in many people's minds they are the same thing because the integration is seamless.  a perception, not a reality.

  • Sybil Ann Chick Level 2 Level 2 (220 points)

    There are certain features of an iWeb created site that work on MobileMe but not when the site is hosted elsewhere. Things like comments for blogs I believe and the hit counter (though I use an external hit counter for my sites as I started using it well before iWeb existed and I prefer the options it offers).

  • Matthew L. Smith Calculating status...

    Let's not panic yet.  We have over a year of MobileMe service left.  iCloud is going to be introduced in the fall.  Even if we have to wait until then for more information, we will have lots of time to find other hosting solutions for our websites.  I also was a bit sad that the new iLife didn't include iWeb.  It's currently a very good product, but could be even better with more attention.  The other services that aren't clearly addressed are syncing of things like keychains, dock items, and preferences, as well as Backup to iDisk and Back to my Mac.  I hope all this will be addressed ASAP.

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  • Sagedrum Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am glad I am not alone.  I use iWeb for 2 big sites that I run and have so much invested in them, it would be a shame to lose all that content.  I would suggest everyone contact Apple and let them know that you want them to keep supporting iWeb and iDisk.     I hope that they can do something that doesn't leave us all hanging. 

  • zepatente Calculating status...

    Hi ,


    like i asked there it isn't because iweb can't never be user ou that we arent be able to hosted our websites that we are racting like that . I's because we want to know what iweb ll ne in the future. Is a new version arrived ? is html5 is in etc... Ans like imovie , we must show that iweb is important for us . So all message write on my forum ( positive message) i ll transmit all to apple


    Long life to our iweb 's websites !

  • momomentous Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had a .mac account for many years and now it is a Mobile Me account.  I've been a strong Apple advocate and have promoted Apple to my friends for years.  This lack of clarity about what Apple will do with iWeb and synced accounts with Mobile Me feels like a kick in the teeth.  I manage three web site domains for my music using Mobile Me and iWeb. I've been looking forward to Apple upgrading iWeb with more features in the future - and I hope this takes place.  I've got to believe that Apple will continue to enable customers to upload their iWeb sites via iCloud - but will Apple continue to host?  And if not why not?  They are building three major data centers. Apple has set up a system where a lot of customers are dependent on the iWeb/ Mobile Me syncing.  They can't just kick us in the teeth in one year and abandon us.  If they don't host, they should make the transfer from MobileMe to other hosts seamless and smooth.  I don't want to deal with a slimeball company like GoDaddy for hosting. I felt good about Mobile Me and Apple.   I also love the file transfer aspects of Mobile Me - particularly using Filechute.  Apple needs to make any transition seamless and not screw over the thousands of customers using iWeb / Mobile Me. SAVE IWEB - SAVE MOBILE ME (or make the transtion painless in terms of effort as well as cost)!

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