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I have a large multimedia library stored on my 2TB Time Capsule (new model). The library was transferred from my MacBook Pro to the Time Capsule without any issues following Apple's clear instructions and all the files are running perfectly.


The bizarre problem that I seem to have is that every time an apple update is run on my MacBook Pro the file path to the external volume is reset to the old default file path on my MacBook Pro.


This means that every time ANY update, not just an ITunes update is run, I have to go into ITunes preferences, choose the advanced tab and then reset the file path back the the external Time Capsule device. This may seem very trivial operation but then I have to consolidate all the files to keep the whole library properly synchronised. Because the library is really large this takes a long time and churns over all the files in the library.


The changes made during apple update look like this:-




/volumes/xxxx/music/itunes media




/users/xxxx/music/itunes media


My questions are


1) Has anyone else experienced this issue?


2) Have I overlooked something in the setup of the Time Capsule?


3) What steps can be taken to correct the problem.


Many thanks to the members of the community who can spare a moment to look at this post.