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Did someone know how to change the language streaming.  Iron Man 2 is avaible in French and English if you stream it on a computer but on apple tv2 it's only avaible in English.

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    I've took some minutes with the tech support of Netflix and this feature is not possible for the moment.  Your post awakes me that some content was available in french, something I didn't know at all.

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    I was just a victim of this issue. On the Apple TV (third generation), Iron Man 2 (and other movies) play in French. However on the iPhone or iPad, they play in English. What is up with that?

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    I just got off the phone with Netflix support. Specifically for Iron Man 2 and one of the Transformers movies it's a known issue. There is a temporary fix:


    1. Sign in to netflix.ca

    2. Change your account settings for video quality to anything except Best/HD.


    And that's it. I just tested it myself and it worked. He said you may have to wait an hour for the changes to come into effect, but I just logged out and then logged in to my Apple TV Netflix and it was done.


    He also mentioned this is a temporary workaround and they are working on it. Basically when they rent movies for use, they are given a package of different qualities and languages and they accidentally put the French HD in the English HD "slot". 


    Hope that helps!


    EDIT: This solution is only in direct response to X1Zero's problem. Sorry, OP.