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My iphone keeps typing double letters and doesn't always respond when I tap on icons.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3
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    I don't know if you have tried this, but try rebooting the device by pressing and holding the on/off and home buttons simultaneously until the screen goes blank and you see the apple logo. It should take about 10-15 seconds to reboot. Many times this will clear up any issues.

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    Thanks. I tried it a couple of times but it didn't help.

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    here's a link regarding unresponsive touchscreens:http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1827 Hopefully you can get some useful information there.

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    I've got the exact same problem.  Have had a 3GS since it came out no problems.  Purchased a new iPhone 4 yesterday and cannot type anything, texts, emails, notes, even my pin code double clicks but doesn't appear until you type the next letter... thereby getting two or more of the same "touched" number/letter... icons sometimes need more than one/two taps before it registers... swiping doesn't always work and whilst typing if you press the backspace/delete button it continues to delete until you press space or another key... it's driving me absolutely nuts... the only reason I'm writing on here is because it's too early to call the store where I purchased the phone to speak to someone there... infuriating... ultra sensitivity this cannot be... I've read too many other posts in forums to say that this looks like an inherent problem... I loved my 3GS and it took all my resistence to succumb to iphone 4 as I want to use FaceTalk with my son in Thailand... had 3GS had such an app I wouldn't have changed for the world!! Hindsight, what a great thing! 

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    Did anyone get a resolution for this problem?  My wife's iPhone 4 just started exhibiting this behavior.

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    Hi. I ended up taking my iPhone back to Apple after exchanging the first faulty one for a second from the same store.  Apple at Bluewater tested the phone in my presence and admitted to it being over sensitive.  They exchanged it for a new out of the box model and as a precaution added a screen protector for free. I'm not sure whether the screen protector is helping the situation as I've not removed it, but I've not had a problem with this phone at all.  I would suggest an Apple screen protector as opposed to any other brand and get it fitted by one of their staff as when I've used them on my old phones they always end up with an air bubble or two!  Hope this helps. As an aside if your phone is older than 28 days from the purchase date you can only have it dealt with at an Apple store.

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    Thank you trrlightning.  I tried everything and I was pulling my hair out.  I read your post and tried it.  My niece had helped me previously with my iPod and I had to do the same thing.  Your suggestion worked and I thank you dearly.  Re-booting did wonders for me.  Again, thank you.

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    After 15 months of use, my iPhone 4s started double typing things for me.  The backspace key would actually run for paragraphs of text until I could regain control of it.  I tried everything from cleaning, removing the case (Otterbox), removing the film screen protector, rebooting, cleaning some more, etc. and nothing seemed to work.


    Out of aggravation, and after reading through this post, I tried rebooting again, and voila!  It seems to be better now.  So my recommendation to anyone who has tried all of this is to at least try the reboot another time or two before you bother going to an Apple store where they'll probably start by rebooting, cleaning and handing it back to you in good working order.

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    I just wanted to say I had this exact same issue and after reading this thread I rebooted by holding the home screen and on/off button for about 10 seconds.  It seems to have cleared up the issue.  Sometimes technology confuses itself and just needs to start its processes over again.