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Hi Gang


Apparently there is some production music in STP FC5, by a particular composer: Dave Howell/Keyboards/PianoBarLoops, that weren't included in STP FC6.

I opened an older project, and the media is missing. I suspect, when I installed my FC6 Upgrade, and used the serial number from FC5, I got a slightly different

package of tracks in STP. Can I open the old STP Install Disc from FC5, and browse the content looking for the missing loops?


Thank you





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    Do you not have that Dave Howell folder at all any more? Mine is in Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro/Apple Loops/Apple/Dave Howell/Keyboards/Piano. All of the Files in that folder are called "Apple Piano Bar Boesendorfer..." Is that what they were? They could have been aiff files in the older version of STP, and now they're .caf files. That's another possibility.


    If these aren't the files you're looking for, you could try to get them off the audio content disk. They're package files, so you need to right-click and select "Show Contents" until you get somewhere. They might be in a compressed image you'll have to unpack on your HD to sort through.


    Good luck!


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    Thank you barreltone


    It's a 'ghost town' here compared to the FC forum.


    I actually got a few tips there - apparently the extraction process is not that easy - the files (as you mentioned), are compressed in a special form requiring some software.


    I think the easiet thing is to just install FC5 in an unoccupied system drive, and just export those files to Aiff.


    David Howell was not packaged in STP FC6.




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    No kidding about the ghost town! I just realized this forum existed this week, hence my flurry of responses. Yes, if you have a spare drive you can load the other version onto, that would be the best way.


    When I looked, they were in a compressed file that the built-in Apple archive utility may not handle. I have the freebie The Unarchiver, which works really well for other types of archive files.


    Hope you get them! Good luck!