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I am somewhat new to using these programs.  I am pretty familiar with GarageBand, but not soundtrack pro, but am learning.  I like the flexibility of creating music using  the keyboard to compose music with the software instruments and my apple loops in GB, but don't know how to do the same in soundtrack pro.  It just seems so complicated.  I tried to create a song with loops in STP but the beats were not synching and I don't think I can write songs like I can in GB.  Is there'd a way to just drop what I do in GB into STP??  We are creating a travel documentary series and have 2 volumes out already, and are working on 4 more.  The first two I recorded live real instruments to make the sound tracks and since I have to have such a large volume of music in such a short time and because we are more experienced film makers and want a more professional sound I am very excited about apple loops and incorporating them with the use of software instruments.  Any and ALL advice would be peachy!  You can also check out our project at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/473768799/sail-vicarious-travel-dvd-series-s ail-the-world-th

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    You can't use instrument tracks in STP. You could bounce or render them as audio and bring them into STP, but not as instrument tracks.


    If your beats aren't syncing w/in STP, the audio you were using may not have the right metadata, or it could be as simple as having a different feel than the other material.


    What you can do is continue to compose in GB and export your tracks, and mix in STP. If you want to use loops that come with STP, you can use those in GB. The difficulty you run into is that you can't actually "compose to picture." So if you need a video window, you're stuck, without getting into Logic Pro.


    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks, Matt.  Can I use Logic express???  If so I can't get my husband to agree to $200 more onto of the boat load we just sunk into this, unfortunately.  If not then I am resigned to having to do what I have to do then.  How can I get my stuff from garage band to STP?  Can you give me the step by step?  I'm afraid it has something to do with exporting every tack separately...


    Thanks for your help with this. 


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    Logic express has a video window, and I think all of the instruments from GB can be played in LE, though I don't have any Logic products.


    But maybe the track transfer first. Here's a really nice page I found with step-by-step and screenshots for getting track out of GB. In these scenarios the destination is Pro Tools, but once you get the tracks out, you can transfer to any other workstation and it will work. Here's the link:




    Good luck!