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I just read a series of articles discussion Apple's tightening of its restrictions regarding out-of-app purchases which might have a very negative impact on those of us who use the Kindle app and purchase ebooks from Amazon.  Does anyone know any updated information on whether Apple is seriously thinking of removing the functionality of the Kindle app and thus preventing users from purchasing ebooks from Amazon?  And where will that place previous purchases?  While I find my iPad to be a wonderful tool, this latest series of bricks added to the walled garden might prove to be too much for me, not to mention the potential for this trend to include other apps that I dearly love (such as NetFlix).  I hope that Apple rethinks this latest decision.

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    My Kindle App still works fine with in-App purchasing. What decision from Apple regarding the Kindle App are you referring to? To my knowledge there has not, and will not be any restriction on this feature for Kindle. In fact, I believe earlier this week Apple eased the restrictions on in-app purchases.

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    The issue at hand was primarily directed towards subscription-based services (newspaper and magazines) - prohibiting them from offering external (i.e. outside of app) subscriptions at less than the in-app prices. This did not go over well with the publishers, and Apple relented.

    http://www.pcworld.com/article/229880/apple_backs_off_inapp_subscription_demands _says_no_to_buy_links.html


    This same article, however, speculates that Kindle "may no longer be able to include a link to an external digital store" because Apple will not allow direct "buy" links in the app to "out of app" purchases. So you can get the subscription to the New York Times directly from the NYT website, or from within the App and through the APp Store, but you can't use the app to jump directly to the NYT sales website. The effect on Kindle would be that you can buy the ebook directly from the Amazon website and then download it to your iPad app, but you can't go directly from the app to the Amazon website.

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    This is all very old news that involved subscriptions such as magazines and newspapers. It was speculated that this would also apply to apps such as the Kindle App even though books are not subscriptions. Apple has since backed off from the subscription issue so it should now be a moot point. While Apple might prefer that we buy our books from its own store or get a piece of the action when we buy something from Amazon's bookstore, Apple understands that the Kindle App is one of the top downloads and it would have a huge ugly mess on its hands if we could no longer read our Amazon books on the iPad.

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    That PC Mag thinks it involves Amazon does not make it so. The TOS is very clear. You can not have a "buy" button that takes you to an external site to complete the purchase.


    In other words, you can not list the top 10 NY Times Bestsellers IN the app, and click buy on a book to go to their "iOS" store to complete the purchase. Kindle does not do anything like that, but simply provides a link to their regular Kindle website.


    I heard similar comments a few months ago, but I still believe there is nothing that Kindle is doing to violate the TOS of the App Store.

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    They've backed off from the pricing & subscription issue, but it seems that Apple is keeping the right to require any in-app purchases to go through the App Store.

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    Good information and thanks for the calming responses!  I'll place my trepidation on hold for the moment (keeping my fingers crossed that Apple will not break what clearly works) and go back to reading!  Thanks all!

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    Which is why I emphasized the word "may".