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Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4 (3,165 points)

The router from Verizon FIOS comes with preset password expressed in hexadecimal. How do I type it into my iPhone4 so that it will know it is hex not ASCII?

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    Michael C M Level 2 Level 2 (205 points)

    You should just be able to type it into the password field. The devices negotiate how the key will be treated. If you have the equivalent ASCII password, you may give that a try too.


    Apple devices typically prefer the HEX key when connecting to older non-Apple routers.

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    Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4 (3,165 points)

    It does not work. On my Mac Book Pro I had to lower case the ABCDEF of the hex to make it work but the Verizon iPhone4 doesn't work either way. I wish there were a way to tell the iPhone "this is hex". I may have to change the password as I had to do with my DSL password when I went to MacBook Pro. The MBP did not like one byte characters.

    Has anyone else got any more Ideas?

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    Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (25,935 points)

    Prefix the hex key with "$" - e.g.



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    Hardy Geer Level 4 Level 4 (3,165 points)

    Thanks for all the suggestions, but none of them worked.

    I changed the router password to ASCII and all is well.

    There should be a way to do it on the iPhone using the Fios router default password but I cannot find it.


    I did not try translating the hex into ASCII.