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Hi Everyone,


I was looking for opinions and thoughts on the iPad being used to replace a dedicated eReader like the Kindle.  I have been a Kindle owner since early 2009 and take it with me everywhere.  It is portable and the free 3G and long battery life have worked very well for me.  I just recenlty picked up an iPad (2) and have found my new best friend for web surfing from the couch.  The iPad is a fantastic tool for web browsing as well as the few games I have played on it.  I have also installed several apps to aid in productivity and it is quickly becoming my new best "friend."  Unfortunatly it is cumbersome to carry both my iPad and my Kindle when I leave the house.  So, I am currently investigating using the iPad exclusivly for my eReader.  Has anyone here done this, or have an opinions on this idea?  From what I can tell, there are only 4 advantages to the Kindle compared to the iPad (as an eReader): Size, battery life, Free 3G (I have the WiFi iPad), and TTS for Kindle books.  The Size isn't that big a deal as I can do so much more on the iPad.  There is no contest when it comes to battery lfe, but the iPad typically lasts "long enough" so this too can be blown off.  Free 3G is a non-issue as no iPad has it for free, plus mine is WiFi only anyway.  I am considering activating my Personal HotSpot on my iPhone though..  Finally TTS, I can find nothing that compares to this (for the Kindle App) on the iPad.  However, I have not really used TTS on my Kindle either so I am not sure it is a deal breaker. Thanks in advance!


Rich S.

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    Based on what you wrote I can say that you already mentally justified that you're going with only the iPad. Solely dependent on the iPad is what you want. You have all the validations and you want the replies to justify your reasoning. If you're looking for arguments against what you already decided, then this forum will be biased since most replies are from Mac users who like Apple products (this is an Apple forum). I suggest you find a Kindle forum and post the questions there and see what the people there say. You want to only use the iPad and I agree that you should, based on all the reasons that you already came up with. If you want additional counter arguments then I have to say Amazon offers more titles than the iBook Store.

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    I don't have a Kindle, but I have the Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad.  I find the iPad a bit big and heavy for reading books (but it's fine for magazines), the iPhone is perfect.  I've looked briefly at my sisters' Kindles (they both have them, and love them), and I found the flicker when turning the page extremely distracting.  Some say they get eyestrain staring at an LED screen for too long, but I find it preferable to a flickery e-ink screen.  Plus, of course, it has a built it backlight so I can read in the dark.


    I think I read somewhere that iBooks does Text-to-Speech, or maybe will in iOS 5, but I can't remember where I saw it.  If so, it seems likely an update to the Kindle app would also support it.  Amazon doesn't make any profit on the Kindle hardware, it's a loss leader to sell more ebooks, so they've no reason to keep features to themselves.  You already get Whispersync across multiple devices.


    Another question is would you be comfortable carrying an expensive desirable device in public?

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    Hi John,


    Thanks for your comments.  I would like to use the iPad only, but I am curious on what others have done, and their thoughts on it.  I did post a similar post to a Kindle board, but as you eluded to I anticpate getting Applie focused results here and Kindle focused results there.  I plan on looking at both sides.  Really the only two issues I have expereinced since trying to use my iPad as an eReader and that is the lack of 3G (i found myslef needing a new book and unable to get it) and the screen does not work so well outside.  But the iPad can do so much more....   Thanks again!


    Rich S.

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    I use both the iPad and the Kindle.  I prefer the Kindle for reading a book because it is smaller and lighter.  Also, using the back-lit iPad for a reading for a long time gives me a headache.  The Kindle is worthless as a web browser, but the dictionary function is handy when reading.  The iPad I love for web surfing, games, etc.  So I am happy since I have both devices.  You have already discovered that the 3G is a great benefit for down-loading books to the Kindle anywhere and you would need a 3G iPad to do that which means paying for a data plan.

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    I have a Kindle. I loved it. I've barely touched it since I got my iPad. I was never a fan of sitting out in the sun for any reason so that was never a problem for me. Yes, the iPad is a bit heavier but not more so than a hard backed book. In addition to all of the other great things an iPad can do, I love the fact that there are multiple eBook reader options so I can shop at different stores.


    When I ordered my first iPad and was waiting for delivery, I worried that I'd regret haivng spent so much money. I never have.

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    We're a two iPad2 family and we prefer iPad over kindle hands down.   I'm more into magazines, particularly photography magazines and there's no comparison to how a magazine looks on iPad compared to Kindle.  I don't hold my iPad in my lap to read.  We have Targus 360 Swivel cases on both iPads, which not only provides excellent protection front and back, but stands iPad either landscape or portrait, which for magazines works best.  So, I find iPads screen size to be an advantage as well.

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    The new nook is better. Barnes & noble has more books in the nook store then amazon.

    The color nook is pretty nice, my niece has one.

    Then again, I her my iPad when I got the iPad 2 and she doesn't really use the nook now.


    If all you want is a book reader-get a nook or kindle.

    If you want a multiple purpose device-get an iPad.

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    I think it can. I've used a kindle but find the screen too small and I love that with my ipad I can have mutiple readers like kobo, amazon, ibooks. The bigger screen is nice and it can also do more than an ereader can. Unless your planning to spend lots of time in the sun then its not.

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    I sync Kindle books across my iPad, iPhone and iMac and find that capability excellent. I've looked at Kindle and it is a nice piece of equipment. However, like you and many others, I want more out of a tablet than simply reading books - in particular, uploading digital pictures when on vacation, using Facebook, etc.


    I use iBooks for reading my camera manuals, which are PDF format, and for other PDF documents. Books are too expensive to buy in iBooks format, so I always buy Kindle format.


    By the way, I use my 27" iMac primarily as a Windows 7 system, so am not a dyed-in-the-wool Apple fan. The iPad I do like a lot, even though it has its frustrations.


    If I were buying a tablet today, I'd go for one that can handle Flash - that considered omission is the major, major downside of the iPad, and a future deal-breaker for me.

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    A very strong reason to dump Kindle is that it is not ePub3 compatible. Nothing from Amazon is ePub compatible, even though they now own Stanza which is a reader that supports ePub. ePub is the emerging global standard for displaying any published document in a screen reading format.


    Those that are buying eBooks in PDF format are not well informed (notice I refrained from calling them MORONS).


    The Apple iPad has one of the best ePub3 readers available today called iBooks, it was just updated to ePub3 about a week or two ago.


    ePub is an open source protocol for displaying text on any screen instead of the printed page.


    PDF is Portable Document Format and designed to print an exact page of the original printed page, you do not want that on a tablet or EReader and definitely not on a smart phone with its tiny screen.


    ePub three is a very advanced ePub format that includes, video, audio, graphics, even the ability to run an app from within the document.


    When you have an ePub book or magazine in iBooks you can annotate it, add notes, change the font on the fly, use the built in Dictionary, built in automatic concordance via search, external search of Wikipedia and Google to supplement what you are reading and much more.



    You can tap and turn the screen Sepia so there is less white glare for easy on the eyes prolonged reading.


    You can email your notes from within the book to others.


    EPub also allows you to have active hypertext links to other parts of the document if the author included them to begin with.

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    After being so happy with the Kindle for many months, I barely touch it now that I have an iPad. I have all the Amazon books I order sent to the iPad now and enjoy reading them there much more. The print is clearer, I can read in double-page format, adjust the brightness, and the cover, pictures, and highlighting are in color. If you want an amazing magazine experience, check out Esquire on the iPad. I'm sorry to say that the Kindle just doesn't cut it anymore. The iPad is the way of the future for reading e-books in my view.


    I have both and use them both, but i prefer to using digital video converter to convert incompatible video into iPad file to watch on iPad (e.g. wmv to mp4). Within reason, it will do all media, radio, TV, movies, magazines, books, games, etc.

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    I prefer my Kindle for reading.  It is lighter and easier to hold for long periods of time.  I find the strong backlight of the iPad gives me eyestrain and headache if I read for very long.  My iPad is very useful for many things but I prefer my Kindle for actually reading books.