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    ebradberry Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    How about just duplicating in the Finder and renaming.  Indeed, this is another step and I not owning FCP X yet, would recommend trying this.  That does seem like they are consumerizing FCP down to mothers and fathers editing tools.  Bummer.

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    namyrb Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Have you guys even used the duplicate method yet?  All the negativity seems to be getting to your heads.


    Press: CMD+J, CMD+D, RETURN.  Done.


    And this is no "workaround..."  It lists every duplication in your project library and gives essential info for each save.  It's more powerful, convenient, and organized than "save as"


    I agree with Daniel.  This is a non-issue.

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    justinraine Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This man needs to be given the "Correct Answers" badge!

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    im assuming that your CMD+J is a misprint.


    ok, here is what ive been trying. whether i use CMD+C then CMD+V or...CMD+D....i get the file duplicated. then of course the result of that is the word "copy" at the end of "CurrentVersion". whether i leave it with the word "copy" or i exchange the word "copy" for another word or number i end up with the same thing happen every time which is...every time im in FCPX to make a change in the timeline (so when i open it up again in the original project name before the duplication) and i open up the original project again then...it has been updated to the last edit i did to the duplicate file with the ammended filename. its like a "trickle down" to the events and projects. a few of you here seem to think this is a no brainer but i fail to see it actually work. so, either im not doing it right or you guys are wrong. namyrb...are you sure about this or do you see a missed step in my described procedure?


    im going to keep playing with it. if it works it would help but being better than a save as? something magical will have to happen beyond it actually working for me to think its better than a Save as. but,first things first. im trying to get some sort of success here.



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    GOT IT. ok, i was trying to do this from the files in the HD (folders) rather than "duplicating" from the "project" window inside of FCPX.


    havent yet explored all of the 3 choices they give you in the pop up window but when the overall FCPX file structure makes more sense to me this should make more sense to me as well.


    it seems "odd" to me but i can see somewhat where a few of you might think this is better than a "Save as". for me at this point id say the jury is out but the fact that i have this control a "Save" vs "no" control is a great start to the biggest perceived problem i have had with this new software.


    thanks for all of you guys that had the answers!



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    I'm just not sure what else Save As does for you that the duplicate project feature doesn't do... The only control you lose is the ability to put the file into a different sub-directory of a drive than the default... and even then, I don't really see the problem...

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    Doug Stringham wrote:


    That's a helluvalotta work compared to simply doing a "Save As... " version


    We do that all the time. I need to start a major revision on a project... what do I do? I simply do a Save As... and save it as a v2 or something... open up v2 and I'm good to go... v1 is still intact and easily found. I don't want to be scrolling through a bazillion autosaves to find that golden moment where it was a week ago after a few hundred autosaves.

    I have upgraded to each and every OS X system immediately in the past. Lion will be an upgrade that I will not undertake.

    Main issue - Auto Save... along with an OS that thinks it knows better than me what I want to keep or throw away.

    This feature alone is going to bring Apple into a storm that even HAARP cannot fix !!!

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    namyrb, the reason i like "save as" better is the i can go in and work with a project, if i like what ive done then i can do a "save as" with a simple number progression after the name like "1" then add "2" on the next Save as etc. if i dont do anything that i want to save  then i just "close" the program. nothing gained nothing lost. in this new way apple now has us do changes the simplicity of a Save as. now when i open an existing project i "must" duplicate the project RIGHT AWAY before i touch anything at all or im screwed because im now guarenteed when i close it ill be stuck with whatever changes that have happened. now i will end up with way more projects duplications that i ever would have had using a simple Save as. because "now" for safety sake i will have to duplicate ****everytime**** i open a project so i have a safety net. that is utter nonsense! sure i guess i could go in and start throwing away the unneeded projects from the HD but that just seems like a redundant thing to have to do. sometimes on projects i only end up with a few extra Save as. these could be project that have a hundred or more hours in them. that project may get opened 30-50 times. if i someday use this new software ill now end up 30-50 duplicates i guess. crazy.


    duplicating projects is better than nothing but nowhere near as useful than a simple "Save as" IMO. i also would prefer to keep my video project in just "one" tidy folder than all of this shared bulls$hit apple now does. and no...apple doesnt know better than me. they think they do but they dont. apple has gotten way to heavy handed. interesting if you go back to the infamous commercial for the superbowl game in the 80's. its ironic now that they have become EXACTLY what they mocked in the commercial and its only going to get worse.


    still thanks for "a" solution to my original question. its better than nothing.



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    hvxuser Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)


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    namyrb Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Your point is perfectly valid and I can't really tell you what to do. 


    But I think that this whole autosave scheme was built with lion in mind.  When it comes out, you would only have to make a duplicate project once or twice a day as you can just go back through all your saves with the versioning feature if you mess up.  The only problem I can see with this is taking the time to sift through all of the different versions to get to the one that you want.  But even then... everything is there no matter what and you'll NEVER have a problem losing any kind of data unless your drives go bad.  The truth of the matter is that Apple isn't deciding when the best time to save is.  They're not thinking for you.  They're just making it so that if ANYTHING ever goes wrong you will ALWAYS be able to go back in any point in time and fix it NO MATTER WHAT (Not insinuating that I'm yelling, just emphasis).  Can't really think of a better safety net than that...

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    Grant Hall Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    You are going to far this is a $49.00 app and should be called iMovie Plus

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    namyrb, first you made me laugh at your caps near the end of your statement then telling me you wernt yelling at me. dang, it is goofy to try to put emphais in the form of "type". i use quotations and astericks as my way of emphasising and sometimes wonder if poeple will think im yelling! it crazy and funny to try to put inflections into a bunch of written words. no problem man!


    look, each way of working is doable i suppose. the debate is more which one makes more sense. the thing is... i do simple "Save"'s often. a simple update with no filename change when i know im good to go on work progression. i might work all day and have clicked Save several times and hour. many times i only have 1 or 2 additional "Save as" for a project than can have obscene hours in it.


    my own brain knows when i turned a page of importance or direction and its time to "mark" that turn of direction by clearly defining a project ie as "digging a hole" then "digging a hole-1". then...when i looked at my old style "simple little folder" (like in the good ole days prior to 6-21-2011) that held "everything" pertaining to the projects i knew from that simple "-1" additive... that it was an important moment in that project. i also know that the original project "digging a hole" represents fundamental evolution UP UNTIL the crossroads where it became the Save as (-1) project. the original prior to the Save as is just as important as the Save as and may need to get revisited in the future.


    now in the new way not only will i have to duplicate "EVERYTIME" i open FCPX but....and this is a BIG BUT...i will have to PREDICT (im not yelling by the way) that in "this" visit to the program to work... that the NAME i give while duplicating will give distinction to my edit or not but i wont know if it deserves any true distinction till im done though will i? the older way of doing things by mere fact that i actually did a "Save as" (-1) made it significant...but now every DUPLICATION IS NOT ***NECESSARILY*** SIGNIFICANT. i wont know until im done doing something in the edit. then...OPPS in just one of the 20-40-60 duplications that i have to sift thru in my HD to see which one was important amongst the slew of unimportant safety nets that i had to create.


    i know i can "color coat" the folders in the HD of importance i guess! i like colors! opps, what is apple takes color coating away in LION? ill be screwed i guess. or i know...i can reopen that drab and redundant DUPLUCATION file again (if i can find it in the mess of reduncacy... then "DUPLICATE it again" but....this time GIVE IT THAT BETTER NAME OF DISTINCTION that helps it stand out from the crowd of DUPLICATIONS on my HD...then i can (i guess) go back to my HD and throw out the meaningless DUPLICATION projects to clean up this overly redundant DISASSTER of a MESS THAT APPLE HAS NOW MADE ME DO so i dont have to live with looking at a complete mess of folders that have now been created on my HD.




    INSANE and very STUPID!!! welcome to LAND OF BIG BROTHER!




    namyrb...i think the caps are actually better than my quotations but it did make me feel like i was yelling more but i wasnt.

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    Like everything is new, it may be disconcerting but it's upsetting habits as we advance. I adapted fairly easily because I knew that with Unity 3D, and finally this is not a problem. Just duplicate the project. I find it even easier to group all the media in the same folder.

    Apple has imposed the mouse, the X and many other things that have been beneficial even if at that moment we had to make a little effort to adapt. If we had stopped at "it was better before" they live with kings and eventually die of the plague.

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    Lydia Robertson Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    In the Project Library select your project and right click on it.


    Choose "Duplicate


    This is your save as.  It creates a new duplicate file called "projectname (fcp1)".  Your second duplicate is called "projectname (fcp2)". And so on.  You can rename it if you like.

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    Another issue is, I actually quit the program while it was rendering and/or transcoding. Now the last import I did the files are no where to be found, not even in a so called previous version. This is a friggin disaster.