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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy my first mac as soon as I make my decision!


It's a toss up between these two:


Macbook Pro 15" connected to an external monitor whilst at home

2.3ghz i7

8GB Ram

500gb 72,000rpm




iMac 27"

3.4ghz i7

16GB Ram


2GB Radeon GFX



Now you might be thinking, well, obviously the iMac? I'm looking to get the best in each field so either the best Macbook Pro specs or some of the best iMac specs.


I need it for a lot of heavy photoshop work, 1080p HD video editing, some gaming and also music production.


I ultimately love to take my devices with me and it would be great if I had the option for portability but while at home I connect the Macbook to an external screen.



What I'm wondering is, will the Macbook cut it with those specs to do what I need?

Or am I better off going with the iMac for that extra power?


Storage space is no problem as I will just buy external drives for use if I get the Macbook Pro.


Keep in mind, things like rendering time and whatnot I'm not phased about it being slower on the Macbook, as I'd expect that. What I mean is, will my experience be slow, sluggish, non responsive and generally a lot slower compared to if I chose the iMac over the Macbook Pro?


Or will the Macbook Pro handle these things elegantly, with stability, speed etc...?


Really need some help deciding on these as I'm pretty stuck. Everyone says it depends how important portability is, and it's somewhat important but not entirely nessasary. In other words, I'm trying to weigh out the pros and cons, with portability being a pro.


Also as an extra qustion, will Lion be shipping with Mac purchases after it's release? If it's just round the corner, should I wait?