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"Email address is already verified for another Apple ID" Problem

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Jul 14, 2011 2:35 PM

So today I wanted to organize my 2 Apple ID's.

My first apple ID is and my second apple ID is

Last year I decided to change the primary email address for my Apple ID: to and vice versa.


So now the Apple ID is  

Primary email address is


The second Apple ID is

Primary email address is


So today my problem is I can't switch them back. I can't have the same email address as my Apple ID...

But it keeps saying the "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID"

Help please?

  • redsheen Calculating status...

    hmmm, yeah, i currently have a similar problem. i created an Apple ID back awhile ago on my PC, for itunes, and now when i've got a Mac, when i try to login in with my previous old ID, it logs in but tells me my email's already in use and been verified?

  • theoreticaljerk Calculating status...

    Having the same kind of problem.  After waiting 4 days for a responce from Apple, they told me to do exactly what I had already told them I had tried to do in my email along with the negative results.  I replied but now I'm waiting again.


    In the mean time, I am unable to purchase or update anything with my Apple ID.

  • jtarin Calculating status...
  • meco_bcn Calculating status...

    I have the same problem. When I go to, and login for mange my account, I try to delete de alternative mail and r clic the confirmation,  missage don't work. I use Espress Lane and nothing no solution.

    I'm desperate. One is icloud  account ( older mobilme  payment  with 25 GB)   and the other is for iTunes ( with any applicatons paid.

  • Piercussion Calculating status...

    I have the same problem. I wish someone from Apple would fix this!!! It's really ******* me off.

  • liuping Calculating status...

    This is driving me crazy. I have two AppleIDs (itunes and mobileme/icloud)


    I cannot set the email address of the mobile me account ( to the the email it's named after (


    I have only two AppleID's and none my cloud or mobileMe email addresses are associated with them at this time, and yet somehow all my mobile me email addressed are "verified with another appleid". Which AppleID? How do I unverify?


    It seems that if they were every verified in the past, they are never usable again... ;(

  • scottybob4 Calculating status...

    Same issue here. Can't use iMessage or Find My Friends until this gets sorted. Just let us consolidate IDs!

  • justgotamac Calculating status...

    I have the same problem. I have MobileMe and two Apple ID's. I merged MobileMe but now can't use Find a Friend or iMessage because of the stupid Apple ID verification. Wasted laste 2 hours trying to verify emails to no avail.

  • Piercussion Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Called Apple 2 times today after upgrading to iOS 5 and having problems with iCould, MobileMe, and email address issues. Since I do not have Protection Care and didn't want to pay $29.95 for one incidenct, I finally hung up on them. Wow! Come on, Apple!!! Why should I have to pay for your mistake? Finally had to do a work around I did not prefer.

  • Chris Mclellan Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I'm in the same boat.  Before I became a .mac subscriber, I had an iTunes account.  It's just an account name, not an email address.   This iTunes account is considered an Apple ID.


    Later I became a .mac subscriber.   Apparently this is also an Apple ID, though I never used it as such, only to sync contacts, bookmarks, etc.


    Eventually .mac became MobileMe, so Apple ID and are essentially the same ID, plus I have my iTunes account.   All is well.


    Then FaceTime comes along.  It asks for me to put in my Apple ID and I put in my original Apple ID/iTunes account.   It asks me what email addresses I want to be contacted by.  I put my MobileMe address as one of them. Unbeknownst to me, it was linking those email addresses (verifying them) to my old Apple ID.


    Then today iOS 5 comes out.  I move my Mobileme account to iCloud, no problem.  Setup my Mobileme address as iCloud on my devices, but go back and change the Store account to use the old original Apple ID.


    All is well, until I decide to activate iMessage.  Here is where I made a mistake, not really my fault, but I chose to use my iCloud/MobileMe account instead of my original/old iTunes/Apple ID.   So then when it asks what email address I want to be contacted at, I try to put in my MobileMe, but it says that it's already in use.   I'm like ***?????


    So I go to and pull up my old iTunes/Apple ID account.   Sure enough, the mobileme email address is listed as a verified email.


    So I figure, hey, I'll just delete it here, then it should let me add it back to the mobileme based Apple ID for which it's named.


    Nope, no dice.  Still says it's in use.  Even though it's not.   Now I can't even add it BACK to where it was before, on the old iTunes Apple ID.   It says it's in use on another account.


    I think I can say that that right there is a bug.  If I remove it off an account, it should then be available to add to another account.   But that's not happening, now it's in limbo, seemingly never able to be used again.


    I did read in another thread, that someone was able to get help from MobileMe support.  They were able to free up the email address to be used again as a verified address for an Apple ID, but it took like 3 weeks to get resolved.


    This is a total cluster f---.


    I'm in IT, at least I can kinda figure out what's going on here......I feel sorry for all the customers out there pulling their hair out over this.


    If Apple would just let me transfer my iTunes purchased to my MobileMe account, that would fix this.   But at least fix your system of deleting verified emails from Apple iD's.......

  • jkllkkljlkj Calculating status...

    same issue here.


    I am having issues with my Apple ID's since transitioning to iCloud and iOS 5.  I have 2 Apple ID's:


    1) - Primary email associated:


    2) (main account used for all purchases, etc) - Primary email associated with this account:


    as you can see, both of these have a primary email associated with them.  However, when I try and change the primary email address of 1) to the email it says that "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID".  I ONLY have the 2 Apple ID's listed above. 


    I don't need to merge these 2 accounts, but as an example, when I try and use the "Find My Friends" app while signed in with my account, I can log in, however when I try and use the app it is asking me to 'verify my account' so I click on the link, log into the website and try and change my primary email from to and it just keeps telling me that it's already verified for another Apple ID. Which is most certainly is not.  I have spent almost all night working on this and trying to figure it out.  It is getting extremely frustrating!

  • mwhiegl Calculating status...

    Same here. My situation:

    Apple ID 1: - Primary Email:

    Apple ID 2: - Primary Email:, Alternate Emails: and


    Now I wanted to use Facetime and iMessage with and it says "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID".


    Ok, so I deleted the alternate Emails from my Apple ID 2. Doen't help. Although it would be really nice to merge the accounts it's not what I'm trying to do. I just want to use my adress with Facetime and iMessage.


    I also tried to replace by - same message ...

    I checked both Apple IDs over and over - they are definitely not in use and not verified!

  • CSG NYC Calculating status...

    Same problem... Spent hour chatting with support last night. They said that even tho i deleted an old email address from another iTunes account and then tried to add that one as my new alt email for my new apple ID / icould account, that they could still see it attached to the old itunes account... i asked if they could just wipe it from their end and i was told they could not do that. i asked for a supervisor to help me and when i was on hold i diconnected and have yet had the energy to try to get back through again. very very annoying. i need that old email address on my new apple ID for facetime, etc as well. untimately they are our email address and we should be able to do with them what we want and attach the to what we want... especially when it appears we have the option of deleting them from old IDs.... ugh!!!

  • mbsfotos Calculating status...

    Same or Similar Issue for me.


    I have 2 Apple ID's a gmail email address one that I use for iTunes purchases and a email address.


    I successfully transfered my mobile me account to icloud and set up my phone and mac so that my store stuff was through my gmail email Apple ID and my icloud and stuff was through email Apple ID, all works fine, email, calendar, find my iphone  face time etc etc etc.


    The problem I am having is when I try to invite or accept a request in the Find My Friends app the app gives me the message, "Cannot Connect to Find My Friends, Verify your Apple ID at to use Find My Friends".  So I go to the Apple ID page and login with my Apple ID.


    It shows my email as the primary email for the account but says "Not Verified" so I click on the Verify Now button and it returns with error "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID".  I only have one other Apple ID which is the gmail email one, so I log the Apple ID page into that and sure enough I find that the secondary email address on this account is my email address, I hit the Delete button to remove it and save the changes.


    Next I log the Apple ID site back into my Apple ID and click the Verify Now link again but I still get the same "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID" error.  Nothing more I can do, don't get why all the other services work like Find My Iphone and Facetime work with my Apple ID but Find My Friends doesn't.


    The stupid thing is what is the point of verifying an email address that is the primary email on an Apple ID anyway, if I can log in to request the verification email I already have the password to log into email to accept the verification, because it is one of the same account.  I mean I didn't create an Apple ID for my mobile me or icloud account they just did it as part of the transfer/setup.


    The whole Apple ID thing needs sorting out because it is a complicated mess at the moment, I thought Apple said they wouldn't make a mess of a product release again like they did with mobile me.


    Of course any suggestions would be appriciated.



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