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Anyone got any ideas about any of these issues with Lion:

- the initial log-in is hidden; I only managed to get past it by assuming it was there and typing in my normal password

- in Safari, several pages load initially then go blank; Firefox does not work at all; Chrome works mostly but I can't play anything in, say, BBC iPlayer - it creates a hole where the player should be and through which I can see the window behind

- cannot see images in the main window in Aperture, although they are visible in the bottom part of the split screen view

- cannot see images in Little Snapper, although there is an indication that they are there - a number appears against 'unprocessed' images

- can't print using wi-fi

- can't use some important software for simualtion modleling - iSee Commercial Runtime - which ran perfectly in Leopard

- can't play Age of Empires!