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I made the mistake of a contributing to a popular thread.  Now, every 10 seconds, I get an email.   


Here's what I've tried --


1.  There's a toggle button on the page itself which invites me to toggle OUT of receiving emails for that thread.  Doesn't work.

2.  In preferences, I can select NO NOTIFICATIONS down a long list.  Did so, doesn't work.

3.  In MAIL, I created a rule to never let me see these notifications.  It works, but I see them coming in and five minutes.


So here's the only options left.


4.  Change the email address listed with my account (and I don't see THAT option)

5.  Remove account entirely from ASCommunities (and I don't see THAT option either).






TIA for any help

Intel 2.4 iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)