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Using Lion although this was an issue in SL too.


When I had a wheel mouse, using the wheel to scroll through photos in Viewer worked well; one click of the wheel moved forward/backward on photo.


Now I have a Magic Mouse and I find that the swipe action is way too senstive; I only have to move my finger slightly and it switches to the next/previous photo. It's so bad that moving my finger across the whole width of the mouse results in it moving back/forward by dozens of photos.


Aside from losing where I was, it takes ages for Aperture to catch up as it appears to process (I'm using raw) every photo it passes through.


I can't find anything in Aperture Preferences, but is there an undocumented pref that can be set/changed through Terminal?

MacBook Pro 15", 2.4GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Mac OS X (10.6), black iPhone 3GS 32GB, 32GB iPad