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I have a Lion server on which I want to enable WebDAV.


Everything is turned on correctly, but if I connect via the Finder of a client machine, I get a nondescript error (There was a problem connecting to the server x)


In the Apache log file of the Server I see


[error] (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:62341 (*) failed


A bit of reverse-engineering the apple config has shown that they basically start their own apache instance on a random port running as a specific user (using /usr/libexec/webdavsharing/webdavsharing_mapper).


Apparently this isn't happening on this machine though.


I tried to manually invoke the wrapper and it returned the URL the main apache should connect to, but that child wasn't running.


So I would say that the child apache can't start up.


Now my question: How the **** do I find out what causes that user-specific apache to fail to start up? And how do I fix this?


Update: I found out what's preventing the child apache to start, but I have no idea how to fix it.


Here's what's in /var/log/system.log:



Aug  1 16:16:56 miranda sandboxd[58313] ([58312]): sandbox-exec(58312) deny process-exec /usr/sbin/httpd.i386

Aug  1 16:16:56 miranda org.apache.httpd.webdavsharing.psh.62439[58312]: sandbox-exec: /usr/sbin/httpd: Operation not permitted

Aug  1 16:16:56 miranda com.apple.launchd[1] (org.apache.httpd.webdavsharing.psh.62439[58312]): Exited with code: 71



Now. How would I make sandbox-exec allow starting apache?


Thanks in advance



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    The plot thickens.


    /usr/share/sandbox/userwebdav.sb lists /usr/sbin/httpd as permitted, but /usr/sbin/httpd is a symlink to /usr/sbin/httpd.i386 on my machine, which is a 32bit binary. There is also httpd.pva which is universal and a bit more than twice the size of the i386 binary.


    A bit of investigation has shown that .pva binary seems to be related to parallels server which is installed on the machine too. I'll try and find out why the **** they have done this - I mean exchanging the system web server? Are they crazy?


    On the bright side: after reconfiguring userwebdav.sb to allow .i386, I could get WebDAV to work correctly.


    As such, I'm sorry for wasting your valuable time here. I'm guite the noob what Mac system administration is concerned, so I just didn't know about the sandbox and it's configuration.


    I'll go now and make the parallels support teams live **** :-)



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    Hey Philip,


    I think I am having the same problem as you are. My webdav was working fine for everyone but now it stopped working for one user and getting this message in /var/log/apache2/error_log   "[error] (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:59780 (*) failed" Did you wind up fixing the problem? Would be of much help...



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    As I said in my response to my query: The problem was caused by parallels server. I "fixed" it by correcting the patch to apache in /usr/share/sandbox/userwebdav.sb to the one the WebDAV config was trying to execute (check /var/log/system.log).


    This is at most a workaround. The correct soution is to wait for parallels to fix it, though I didn't get any response to my support request.

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    Thanks for the help. I am getting the error even though there is no parallels server installed on the machine. I will try to post a separate Question then but thanks for the help.