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I've searched the boards and seen a lot of discussion on this - the tune is familiar but the words are different!


Brand new Mini 2011 out of the box.

Magic TrackPad. (MTP)

New batteries.

Immediate proximity to one another.

MTP works perfectly on a 2009 Mini w/Snow.


Putting the MTP into pairing mode - the trackpad preference panel setup does see it and shows something like - 3f-5g-7j-2g-8l-4n - whatever.

Connecting...... Pairing fails.

The Bluetooth pairing setup assistant has similar behaviour though one time instead of the numbers it said "Apple Track Pad".

Still failed.


Mini and Trackpad both powered down overnight and tried again today - same deal.


Ultimately I will run Migration Assistant (may or may not help this issue) - but I wanted to play with Lion first before switching over.  Using a mouse is now just creepy to me!  But the MTP won't pair!