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I just upgraded to Lion. In the past, I had shared a folder from my MacBook Pro using SMB just fine. I could see the share from the Windows box, map the drive, create and delete files using Explorer and other Windows applications, etc. But now I have a very strange issue. Here's an example:


I share a directory, call it "directory" from the MacBook. On the Vista box I open an Explorer window and browse to the shared folder on the Mac. Then, I right click in the folder window and select "New/Folder" to create a folder on the Mac from the Windows box. The folder is created with a name like "ew Folder^" or some other name with weird characters in odd places and some of the characters that should be there missing. If I right click on this new folder and try to operate on it, say rename it, I get a message that Windows "Could not find this item". If I then click on View/Refresh in the Explorer menu bar, the folder listing is refreshed and the real folder name ("New Folder") appears. Now, I can operate on this folder (e.g., rename it or delete it). But, if I type in a new name, I get the same funny behavior -- the name I typed is not displayed correctly, those funny characters come back.


When I open a command prompt on the Windows box, everything works OK. I can traverse the folders on the MacBook with no problems and no funny characters. This is just a problem with Explorer.


I didn't have this problem with Snow Leopard.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)